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We provide security cameras, security systems, alarm systems, networking/cabling, card access systems, and telephone systems. All of our technicians are fully qualified, competent, insured and bonded.



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More About Locksley Ltd.

Security Cameras & Security Systems

Security Cameras & Security Systems – Welcome to Locksley Ltd! Our service areas include Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto, and the surrounding areas. We provide security cameras, security Commercial-Security-Systems-hamiltonsystems, alarm systems, networking/cabling, home theatre and telephone systems configured and installed by qualified, competent, insured and bonded technicians. We service commercial, industrial, retail and residential customers.

We specialize in providing high quality feature rich security systems at affordable prices. At Locksley Ltd. we work with our customers to determine their requirements in order that we may design and install the proper systems for their business/residential premises.

Security Cameras & Security Systems: Hamilton, Mississauga & Toronto

Security-CamerasAt Locksley Ltd. our commercial security system security systems toronto alarmsinstallations cover a wide spectrum of client needs for security protection. From systems for small retail shops to highly complex, sophisticated systems for high-rise office complexes, our highly trained system design specialist will create a system that fits the needs of your organization.
Please see our Security Systems Services and Security Components pages for more details about our security systems service offerings.

About Locksley Ltd.

Fully insured and bonded, Locksley Ltd. is a locally owned and operatedhamilton security systems ontario canada security systems contractor that has been in business for over 10 years. At Locksley Ltd., our number one priority is ensuring the job is completed properly and professionally.
Our business operates on the following guiding principles:


Good isn’t enough. We always deliver products and services of exceptional quality that increase security to all clients’ premises for longer term. We look for ways to do more with less and stay on a path of constant and never ending improvement and innovation

We promise to communicate the truth and never mislead anyone . We business security systems hamiltonrepresent numerous alarm system component suppliers and our name goes on all of our work and we’re proud of it.


We are consistent in our actions so our clients and team mates can feel comfortable in dealing with us at all times. We are disciplined in our work and our results, growth and success are consistent.

Team Work

We are team players and leaders. We do whatever it takes to keep the best security systems company hamiltonteam together to achieve team goals. We focus on co-operation and always come to a resolution not a compromise. We are flexible in our work and able to change if what we’re doing is not working. We ask for help when we need it and we are compassionate to others who ask us.


We are truly grateful people. We say “thank you” and show appreciation often and in many ways, so people all around us know how much we appreciate everything and everyone we have in our lives. We celebrate the wins of our clients, and our team.


We are responsible for all of our actions and outcomes, right or wrong. We are accountable for our results. To get different results we must change our thinking or our actions.


We believe in an open and transparent dialogue with all our clients, suppliers and technicians. We speak with good intention for a positive result. We speak to create an uplifting atmosphere and to encourage the people around us. We avoid any gossip or negative conversation at all times. We praise the good works of people in public and we only discuss concerns with people in private.

“Security Systems, Security Cameras, and Burglar Alarms”

Security Systems Hamilton

It is reasonable that you need to protect both your belongings and security of your family. Installing a house security system is a wise choice.

Security Systems have considerably developed over time and from very costly devices they’re now cheaper for everybody to use. Before, these devices were produced only to be used on government facilities and business institutions. Only business people and wealthy people could manage to equip their home with security systems. But, nowadays, apart from the security business system, security home systems are now obtainable also!

Security Systems Mississauga

Security system companies have discovered how crucial safety and security is not just for businesses and government facilities however for homes also. Since crimes geared toward homes have improved over time, homeowners cannot just hang around and rely on traditional kinds of security devices like door and window locks. The things they need are better, modern and more sophisticated kinds of home security systems.

Good home security systems help home owners prevent thieves from burgling their homes. However, these kinds of devices are not just able to do such things. Home Security systems also alert home owners of floods, fires, power surges as well as other kinds of natural disasters. Apart from that, security systems may also alert home owners of the amounts of carbon monoxide or any toxic chemicals found in the home. These types of features are exactly what make Security Systems the most perfect kind of protection for your property and your family.

Security Systems Toronto

Among the benefits that you will get from installing a home security system is that you will have the ability to control the system on your home by utilizing your laptop, computer, mobile phone or your TV. Even if you’re not in your house, you’ll still be have the ability to control the program and know what is going on in your home. Additionally, these systems are user friendly meaning that you will not be confused with how you can operate them.

Like most types of electronic devices, there’re 2 types of Security Systems that you could use for your house: wireless systems and security wired. If you simply want to use the perfect home security systems for your house, then it is advisable to choose wireless systems. This is because wireless homes security systems have been discovered to be more dependable and simple to operate when compared to the wired types. They don’t get infected with brownouts and thieves will find it tougher to bypass them.

Security Cameras Hamilton

Home security system costs could range from nothing to more than $1,000. This will depend on the features you want and whether you’re purchasing the equipment or renting it together with a monitoring agreement. Some security organizations will give you the equipment at no cost or a small fee whenever you sign a contract for their security service but have extra charges for added functionality and sensors. Shopping around for the precise features that you want can help you save a lot of money.


Can a Home Security System Do More Than Guard a Home From Burglars?

Today’s security systems have matured to the level of home automation. Smoke, Fire and carbon monoxide detection are extremely common and thermostat and lights control can be found in many systems. Communication technologies and internet enable monitoring and full home control from everywhere around the world.

The most significant consideration when purchasing a security system to safeguard your property? Using it constantly, and in a way it was intended to be used! Discipline yourself and every member of your home, how to properly disarm and arm your security system. Lastly, display the signals that announce that your house is protected by a security system – that only will keep many burglars away! Having a security system set up indeed means better home security!

Security Cameras Mississauga

Security cameras are generally video security cameras where signals are transferred to a certain set of monitors or places. Not like broadcast TVs, signals of security cameras are not publicly transmitted. Security cameras were initially used in retail stores for looking over shop pilferers and lifters. With its growing popularity, the cameras were utilized in hospitals, airports, banks, offices, academic institutions, casinos as well as homes. People began acknowledging the effectiveness of security cameras when various thefts and robberies were observed through it.

The levels of crimes are continuously increasing. Home, a place that individuals consider to be the most secured place, is not secure any longer. The home has turn out to be a target of various harmful activities. The installation of cameras at home is now a must and not only an option. Home cameras not just assist in detecting crime, but additionally help in avoiding them. Security cameras have grown to be the system to fight the increasing level of terrorist activities.

With the improvement of technology, it’s now easy to view the pictures from a surveillance camera on the home television. No individual monitor is needed for indoor or outdoor security. Some parents like using home security cameras to interior surveillance. It will help them keep track of their children round the clock. Home Security cameras have assisted parents to know about mishaps of child violence or child abuse by baby-sitters and domestic helps. To be certain that your home is perfectly safe; the cameras must be placed at the proper places. People who can’t afford a security camera often utilize dummy security cameras. The dummy cameras assist in alerting the miscreant and avoid crimes like the real cameras. But, real cameras give important proof at the court whenever a crime is committed.


Types of Security Cameras

The very first type to point out is the internal camera. This kind of security camera is set up mostly on the company premises. A popular type amongst internal cameras is dome camera. This security camera comes up with a wider area of view than the traditional models. The dome security cameras often cover a complete 360 degree angle of a place. They are considered to be very effective in terms of monitoring an open area or a room. They as well have static lens. You could also find the static lens for a much better image quality.

The second type is the external camera. This kind of camera is made with double and weather repellent housing, which helps in safeguarding the electric components. External camera is set up mainly to catch the kinds of outdoor light situations as it provides wide-angle views. There’re some top features of the external cameras, including tilt control, motion detection, infrared nighttime vision, wireless connectivity and remote pan.

Another type of security is the motion detector. It’s generally a combination of motion detector and camera. It would be inactive until and unless any kind of activity will occur within its detectable region.

The next one is the wireless technology. Those days are gone when hard wires were needed for setting up the cameras. Nowadays, after wireless technology emerged, some surveillance cameras don’t need any kind of wire to be installed.

How To Get a Security Camera in Mississauga

There are many companies selling various types of security cameras. Before you decide on a specific camera for your office or home, you’ve to keep some factors in mind.

It is important to think about your needs. The length of security as well as the area that needs to be protected will let you know the type of cameras you’ll need. There are various types of cameras for commercial and domestic use. You should bear in mind whether the security cameras will be installed indoor or outdoor.

Ensure you note the image resolution of the camera prior to purchasing it. You can determine the image resolution of the camera by checking out the number of Television lines in the image. The higher the number of Television lines, the much better is the resolution of the camera. The number of Television lines will assist in bettering the picture quality. There’re often 600 – 700- Television lines in normal security cameras. If you need a cameras with a great resolution, it is best to opt for 750 Television lines. 2-3 Megapixel HD cameras simply the better the security cameras is the better picture quality you will have seeing is believing in having a picture perfect resolution cameras.

Security Cameras and Technology

The technology utilized in the camera is important. Security cameras utilize two types of technology for providing images, which are CCD and CMOS. The high quality of the picture is influenced by the technology used. CMOS gives bad quality images and is utilized in small and low-cost cameras. A very good camera often uses CCD (Charge Couple Device) chips. The CCD chips could be availed in 3 sizes – ¼ inch, ½ inch, and 1/3 inch. The bigger the size of the chip, the much better is the picture quality. However, security cameras with CCD chips are very pricey.

The lens utilized in cameras plays an important role in determining the picture quality as well as the angle whereby the pictures are viewed. Two types of lens are utilized in cameras, monofocal and varifocal. The monofocal lens has fixed focal length. However the varifocal lens could alter the focal length when and as required. Manual iris and Auto iris are utilized for fitting the lens. The application of auto iris would enable automatic modification in various light conditions. The lenses must be chosen depending on the use of the security camera.

Lastly there’s no doubt that modern society is still getting accustomed to the existence of surveillance cameras and there’re many people that do not like them. However office and home security cameras and some security tips will substantially improve the security of you and your family at home and at the workplace.

Burglar Alarms In Hamilton, Mississauga, and Toronto!

Security ought to be the most important issues for your household. Why fill your house with your own personal effects and beautify it if the home could be so simply burgled? It will make more sense to have a security system installed that will prevent intruders and send them away.

Burglar alarms have grown to be standard equipment in retail stores as well as other businesses, and they are becoming extremely common in homes also. If you have previously shopped for a security system, you probably know there’re wide arrays of choices available. These security system ranges from DIY kits you could pick up for $10 to advanced whole-home security systems that must be set up by specialists. However, as it goes, many security systems are made around the same design concepts.

There’re DIY burglar alarms set up kits or you could have the alarm set up by a skilled alarm company. There’re burglar alarms that suit on walls and doors to notify any nearby neighborhood friends or silent alarms that solely alert the suitable center or authorities of an incident. Some burglar alarms have infra-red sensors, which triggers an alarm whenever the sensor is crossed. You may even get motion detectors or sound detectors, however each one of these will require certain consideration if you’ve pets.

With pets, they could unintentionally set off the burglar alarms with their consistent movement. But, some burglar could be set to be patient of pet’s movements. Also, it depends on the kind of burglar alarm you set up within your house. It’s advisable to consult the burglar alarms supplier or manufacturer regarding all the features.


What You Should Look For Before Purchasing a Burglar Alarm?

The very first thing you should consider is a reputable and reliable company to purchase the burglar alarm from. This is very important because you need a company you could trust, examine all their identification, their representatives, as well as their.

If the company needs to check the equipment, examine who will carry out the inspections as well as their credentials.

Moreover, if you’re required by your insurer to get a burglar alarm, know whom the insurance provider suggests and whom they admit as worthwhile alarm companies. Most insurance providers will simply accept a set up that is approved.

You should as well ensure that your community police department allows the burglar alarm. The alarm providers should give you details of the regulations governed by the police in your community.

Before making a choice, you ought to request and get quotes from not less than 3 burglar alarm providers, in order to compare features, benefits and costs.

Burglar alarms and security systems are a very beneficial investment in the security and protection of your home and family and researches reveal that they’re a proven prevention against crime and burglary, so if you have got one you are more likely to get a more affordable deal from your insurer.

Burglar alarms and security are very important parts of daily life, and you do not need to break your budget to have Burglar Alarm set up in your home, there’re many Wireless Alarms accessible which are economical and easy to operate. But many people find the issue of Burglar Alarms for their house confusing, and most neglect to give it thought until a burglars or intruder try to enter their house. You shouldn’t be concerned about the challenges of Burglar Alarm, with technology advances they’re uncomplicated, and simple to install, and they help a lot in deterring intruders from coming into your house, and many will notify you with an auto mail if the worse happens.

The most reliable home security system plan would be to set up a Burglar Alarm and make your house as complicated as possible for an intruder to enter, and if they enter, will make it hard for them to find your properties. However, do not wait until it is too late; secure yourself now with an easy to set up Burglar Alarms.

Service Areas Include But Not Limited To: Hamilton Ontario, Mississauga Ontario, and Toronto Ontario