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Card Access Systems

Card Access Systems

A Card Access System Can Provide You With the Safety You Need

If you have a location that requires protection and you only desire specific people access to that area, a card access system should be something that you ought to consider. Security can be costly, so everyone desires the very best security that they can get without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

If you have a space or a structure that requires limited access and you can’t afford the newest and biggest security system out there, a card access system might fit your need. Hiring a real person to watch a door or a lobby is too expensive when you think everything thing that’s involved.

A card access system includes the software to run the system, door controllers, card reader and access cards. These card systems do not simply limit themselves to doors, they can be used with turnstiles as well. Card access systems are generally used with other security gadgets such as closed circuit video cameras.

By utilizing a card access system, you can handle a complete structure with hundreds of employees and at the same time micromanage down to a single worker. You can set the software to allow or reject someone at a work station, and if you have numerous structures in your business, these card systems can handle all of those too.

Workers will be employed and fired. Instead of searching through various settings, you can just deactivate his card so he can no longer enter the building. As employees get promoted or demoted, you can change their access and allow them to enter different locations in the building. Instead of having a new card made, you’ll just need to have your security chief enter into the program and make the appropriate permission modifications.

Another advantage to using a card access system is the software is extremely compatible with payroll software applications. Staff members will not have to fill out time sheets or punch a time card. This will also lower any disagreements when a person arrived late or left their post. It also eliminates any issues of employees fudging time sheets or having workers punching each other out at the end of the day. This ought to reduce the amount of people needed for payroll functions.

Access cards also help avoid the problem of employers forgetting their passwords and/or writing them down in obvious places around their desks. These problems can result in unapproved access to your network and restricted ares where confidential documents reside. A card access system isn’t just for opening a door; it can provide solid protection to your home or business.


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