Network Protection

Safeguarding Your Company Network With Firewall Software 

Whether you own a huge or little company, the intra-office network is the primary aspect of your company. Essential details like monetary transactions, individual records and financial files exist within your network and the protection of this information is crucial.

Protecting your data is important, and taking the required steps to protect your information is obligatory. A large number of identity theft and financial thefts  have led to the advanced software like anti-virus applications, sniffers, spam filters, and firewalls. Without these applications, your business network is bound to be preyed on by hackers.

It is common knowledge that with the rate at which companies are developing, smaller sized companies are as much a target as bigger and more recognized businesses. The common type of criminal activities involves identity theft where the hacker poses as you in order to get sensitive information. This is where the firewall comes into play.

It can be defined as a protection system which functions as a wall in between your network and the internet in such a way that unauthorized usage and access can be avoided. It looks after information analysis from other networks and is the front layer of security from external attacks. An ideal firewall software system would include both hardware and software application fronts.

Hardware firewall systems exist as a standalone product as well as a hardware-software package. They are easily configurable and can contain numerous ports for different terminals as needed for your business. Software firewall applications are the most common option for homes and small businesses, however if you desire a better degree of defense, your best bet would be to mix both software and hardware.

Regardless of the size of your business network, it has become mandatory to safeguard your company with the proper hardware and software firewall applications. To set this up, you can opt to hire a security company like us to manually secure your network. We’ll install a bicameral firewall program on your server. Finally, it is insufficient to setup the system and forget about it. A regular upgrade is essential to supply adequate protection. Contact us now for a free quote! We’ll help you secure your network.