Top-Rated Security Cameras in 2019

Security cameras are vital assets in protecting your home and property. Thieves can get away with ease if you don’t use the right technology to identify them. Modern outdoor security cameras offer the convenience of smart home device features with high-quality camera technology for remote viewing of your premises. The top brands can send alerts to your phone when they detect motion, record in HD quality even at night, and withstand any type of weather.

Here are our picks for the top-rated security cameras for 2019:

HD TVI Cameras

HD TVI cameras are affordable, the installation process is easy. Their video quality is one of the best you can find. These cameras can be used as another option to the conventional analog CCTV and megapixel IP surveillance cameras.

2MP Turret Camera 2.8mm

In darkness and poor lighting conditions, these cameras can capture clear-cut images and have a wide dynamic range of up to 120dB. They are used for outdoor surveillance and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) cameras have an extensive range of footage capability. The image quality is superior and gives high-quality detail with the use of one camera. They can be easily incorporated into your security system and has an automatic zoom feature, which sets in when there is a possible security breach.

Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras are also known as the thermographic or thermal imaging cameras. They can be both mounted and hand-held. They function efficiently under harsh environments and can detect pending dangers via temperature changes. They work perfectly for both indoor and outdoor.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are great for indoor and outdoor use. Their features include tamper-proof and Night Vision as additional security for periods of darkness. They can also monitor ranges from 180 – 360-degree angles.

At Locksley, we have these high-quality brands available. To learn more about the one that’s right for you, give us a call today or send us a message.

Why Business Owners Install Hidden Security Cameras

The use of hidden security cameras is a highly debated topic. It raises the issue of privacy which can be a deterrent for business owners, with legal and ethical standards making their use seem excessive or reckless. However, some business owners forge ahead with hidden security cameras. As long as all legal regulations are followed, they are able to enjoy the benefits and peace of mind that these cameras deliver.

Business owners prefer hidden cameras for many reasons. Take a look at three reasons highlighted below.

Deter Theft and Fraudulent Activity

Theft from both customers and employees can have a very heavy toll on a business financially. The costs add up, whether it be stolen merchandise or office supplies. Hidden cameras enable business owners to see ‘behind the scenes’ and identify the perpetrators.

Enhance Customer Service

If your customers complain of poor or unprofessional service, having evidence on video can help you determine why. Video surveillance can help you identify training opportunities and know where gaps need to be filled. It can also help you identify employees who may not fit in well with your business culture. This kind of evidence can assist you in ensuring that each customer experience is a positive one.

Protect Their Business

Any business could be the potential target of a false accusation. Some false claims could be more serious than others. Having archived footage can save your business from false accusations and potentially detrimental slanderous claims.

Hidden security cameras are critical for business. The benefits are hard to ignore, and the rewards are promising. At Locksley, we have a highly skilled and qualified team available to advise you on how to secure your business using hidden cameras. We guarantee you that we can provide you with just the right hidden security camera system for your needs. Message or call us today.

What Is a Card Access System? How Does It Work?

The goal of a keycard access system is to permit and restrict access to certain areas of your business. There are different terms used to refer to keycards. Some people call them proximity cards, swipe cards or magnetic cards. It doesn’t matter what you choose to call them, they all follow the same principle, using an electronic chipping system to access an electrically powered door.

What is a Card Access System?

A card access system is a two-step validation system that provides a high level of security and access control. The design of the cards follows the same pattern; they look like your regular plastic card. However, they operate differently to achieve their purpose of securing an area. For the system to be effective, the card should be able to:

• Restrict the access of unauthorized persons to a certain area at certain times of the day.
• Take records of all valid and invalid use of the card.
• Controls the use of elevators and other systems that the card is paired with. For example, computers and security systems.

With a keycard, you don’t need to make use of traditional metal keys to access an area. That could be a benefit if you don’t like the weight of metal keys in your pocket.

How Card Access Systems Work

Card systems need a card reader to work. The reader is installed on the door and you need the card to gain access. Depending on the type of reader system, you may have to swipe against or insert the card into the reader to gain access.

The credentials of the user is embedded in the card chip and is examined by the card reader each time it is used. Once the reader accesses the information on the card and recognizes it, it sends a signal to the locking mechanism to grant access to the card. The entire process takes only a second.

Card access systems are best used when you’re looking to provide access to multiple doors. With a keycard access system, you don’t have to carry metal keys in your pocket. You can easily slide a keycard inside your wallet, and you won’t feel any added weight.

Card systems are commonly used in public buildings in Toronto where anyone can make it past the front door. Examples of such buildings include hotels, hospitals, libraries, and museums among many others. Contact us now for more information.

What Are the Best Security Camera Systems?

There are a lot of security systems available on the market in Toronto. It can be a difficult task to find a suitable one for your business. They are different shapes, styles, designs, and operations which can be overwhelmingly confusing, especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

So what are the best security camera systems you can install in your home or business in Toronto on a budget? You can check out some of the systems below to find one that works for you.

1. Arlo Pro

The Arlo Pro is a wireless security camera system that features an alarm system. The alarm is triggered when there is an intruder so you can quickly take action. It’s equipped with night vision which provides extra visibility when it’s dark. The rechargeable batteries and 7-day cloud recording is another reason why we love the Arlo Pro.

2. Wyze Cam Pan

If you’re in the market for an indoor security camera system in Toronto, you may want to consider the Wyze Cam Pan. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant by activating the voice control feature. You can use the mobile app to control the system remotely. Live stream your recordings from anywhere you are in the world. The night vision also makes it possible for you to detect movements under poor lighting conditions.

3. Canary All-in-one

The Canary All-In-One is your best bet if you’re searching for a security camera system that works well with your smart home in Toronto. It features a full HD 1080p camera with a 147-degree lens view. It also features a sound recording that makes it possible for you to listen in on video recordings. You can connect your smartphone to the camera and take note of all the happenings in your home from your mobile phone.

4. Ring Spotlight Cam

The wire-free design and adjustable mount make it easy to install the Ring Spotlight Cam. Some of its features include one rechargeable battery pack, live view on-demand video, and audio; and is iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 compatible. The 140 degrees’ horizontal and 78 degrees’ vertical field of view ensures that you don’t miss anything.

5. Amazon Cloud Cam

The Amazon Cloud Cam is one of the best security camera systems you can install at home or business. The two-way audio system makes it possible for you to check-in with the family even when you are not around. The cloud cam works with Alexa to keep you notified of all that happens in your home.

Contact us for more information about security cameras and security systems in Tornoto, Canada.

Security Camera Installation in Toronto Canada

The use of security cameras to secure home and business has now become a priority. This additional feature gives the home or business owner the privilege to monitor activities in and around their property.

There are several benefits you can enjoy when you install a security camera:

– You can monitor your property from anywhere around the world.
– You can monitor your children when they are home alone.
– You can see exactly when a package is delivered and who makes the delivery.
– If you’re a business owner, you can ward off thieves and bring added security to restricted areas.
– You can record all activities in and around your property, which can later be used as evidence.

Your camera choice should be based on your needs. These are a few types of security cameras on the market:

Dome camera: used indoors and has a 360-degree coverage feature
Bullet camera: used both indoors and outdoors and has the ability to view long distances
Wireless camera: gives additional security without the use of wires
CCTV HD camera: captures the best details with the highest quality even when zooming in
C-mount camera: uses special lenses, is able to zoom and can record activities from far distances
Day/night camera: necessary when monitoring properties around the clock

So if you live in Toronto or have a property in the area, we can help. At Locksley Limited, our team of highly qualified technicians are standing by to assist. We are in business for over 10 years and a large number of satisfied customers. With our affordable prices and reliable service, you can depend on us to have your security camera system installed in no time!

Contact us today for more information. Our courteous staff are ready to answer your questions!

What Causes False Alarms on Home Security Systems?

Having adequate security for your home is always a top priority. While home security systems are one of the best options on the market, things happen, which can create false alarms. False alarms can cause much discomfort for the homeowner. They also result in wasted revenue and time on the part of the responder. There are a number of factors that can trigger a false alarm:

System malfunction and low batteries: Systems malfunction for various reasons e.g. electrical surges, glitches in telephone lines. Also, all batteries carry expiration dates. Therefore, they should be regularly monitored to ensure effective performance.

Unsecured doors and windows: If doors and windows are left open or are not properly secured, this will cause the alarm system to trip off.

Alarm settings: If the alarm system is highly sensitive, the slightest motion by animals or other things both inside and outside of your home can trigger the alarm.

Input Error: If the security code is forgotten, entering incorrect codes multiple times can trigger the alarm.

Poor Installation: If the security system is not professionally installed, there is a very high possibility that the system will malfunction.

Insects: Insects have a tendency to get into components and cause them to malfunction.

Many states enforce a fine for false alarms. At Locksley Limited, we can help prevent you from being fined and these unfortunate occurrences, we recommend the following:

– Hire a licensed and specially trained technician to install your security system.
– Choose a code that is user-friendly, yet difficult for unwanted visitors to figure out.
– Secure all doors and windows at all times.
– Have a technician maintain your system on a regular basis.
– Ensure that the sensitivity to your security system is pet-friendly.

At Locksley, we will install the best system for your property and ensure it functions well. If you want to be free of unnecessary false alarms, contact us. We are just a phone call away!

Parking Lot Security Cameras

Outdoor Security Cameras

Today we are going to talk about outdoor security systems for your home, office, schools etc. In this world of technology, a guard is not enough to stop the unwanted activities. Security cameras play an important role to keep an eye on your surrounding environment.

Video security is the first step in protecting yourself, your family and your business from thefts and break-ins. Outdoor security cameras are easy to install and the best thing about these cameras is that they are wireless. These cameras help you increase your security by 57%.

A guard can’t look everywhere all the time to keep you secure but security cameras can do the job. No matter how many guards you have, they can still be distracted. For a super secure place, you will definitely need security cameras. You will just have to install the security cameras in the places you want.

Along with the other guards, security camera guards will keep eyes on all the places. Your video camera guards will then update all the other security guards about any suspicious activity anywhere in that specific area.

There are a lot of ways to do this task. You can install security cameras around and inside your home or office. You have a lot of options from which you can choose the best security camera that suits your requirements. You can use the professional multi-camera system, a digital video recorder or a turnkey DIY security setup or any other.

These outdoor cameras are mostly wireless and waterproof. You don’t need to worry about any installment issues or weather conditions. These security cameras also come with a built-in alarm to alert you about a break-in.

You can also install hidden security cameras along with your CCTV cameras for extra security. So, if someone tries to break-in and damage your security cameras, you would still be able to get the updates about that person, keep an eye on him and report to the police immediately.

If you don’t require extra security for home or office but you still don’t want to be disturbed by people, you can use fake CCTV cameras as well. There are fake security cameras available in the market and online that look exactly like a security camera but is a fake made of plastic. You will find these CCTV looking cameras at super affordable rates. You can enjoy showing off but we would recommend that you should buy real security cameras for your safety and/or business operations.

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Security Camera Features

Basic Features of Security Cameras

In this blog, we shall discuss some of the basic and important features of security cameras. Before buying or installing security cameras in our home, building or office, you must know how useful security cameras are. Cameras with the latest technology are a bit expensive. Let’s discuss what you are paying for when buying a security camera. Some of the important and useful features that security cameras have are listed below.

Video Quality and Field of View

This is the most important thing. There are different ranges of video recording cameras. Ranges vary from 25 feet up to 100 feet and it will determine how much it will see clearly. The clearer the video the more expensive it will be.


Wireless cameras are very useful as these are portable. You can place them anywhere and can change their position any time you want.


This is a most important feature for the outdoor cameras. It is used to protect the camera from any weather changes.

Web Access

Super useful feature. With web access, you can connect your cameras to your mobile phones and laptops. You can monitor your devices anytime anywhere in the world via the internet.

Night Version

As most of the crimes are done in dark. This feature is useful to protect the theft and break-ins during night or day when the lights are dim. These cameras come with infrared technology. It records the video in a black and white format for more visibility.

Motion Detection

This is an energy saving feature of security cameras. Most cameras are on all the time to detect any suspicious activity, but motion cameras turns on when it detects the motion of an object. Hence, saves energy and


There are cameras with temperature sensors, carbon dioxide detectors, smoke detectors etc. These are manufactured by keeping customer requirements in mind.

Wearable’s and Hidden

There are wearable security cameras like a watch, button, glasses, jewelry etc. You can easily carry these cameras along with you anywhere without getting noticed that you have a camera. Some cameras come in very tiny sizes that they are almost invisible.

Two-way Communication

This feature allows the person viewing and the person on the camera to communicate with each other. This can be used at the entrance.

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Home Security Service Features

Home Security Service & Features in Hamilton

There is a wide array of security systems, and each one has specific features. Among the most fantastic features of a security system is that it provides you with total peace of mind with regards to the security of your house and family. But just like purchasing any other item, ensure that the alarm you purchase for your home is really worth the money with all the necessary features.

Many of the business security systems you see nowadays can be activated from home so that you can switch them on or off from the comfort of your couch. Some security systems even have an remote keychain feature that can help you to control the security system from outside your home also. Another essential feature is usually that the security alarms can come with a backup battery that’s fitted into the alarm’s keypad in order to make sure that the alarm works even if there’s no electric power.

Motion detectors are an additional modifiable feature that could suit pets that move around in the nights. However among one of the most important features to search for is the monitoring service. Make sure that whatever security system you purchase, it comes with an monitoring system. Actually you will realize that the rate of the system will rise up significantly when you incorporate the monitoring system to the features.

Listed here are a few features every security systems have:

1. Security Alarms

Among the standard security features is an alarm that “goes off” if a window or door is opened when it shouldn’t be. This kind of alarm, as well as others that could be tripped, alerts the burglar that their presence is known, or it transmits a quiet alarm to security or 911. Some security alarms can do both.

2. Safewatch CellGuard

CellGuard gives complete wireless security monitoring, meaning that the security company provides reliable security monitoring to assist in keeping your house and family safe without needing the extra cost of a cell phone.

Since CellGuard could be used entirely with a mobile phone or as a back-up to an active home phone line, it is a good fit for people who experience weak telephone coverage or those trying to discontinue their home telephone service.

3. Security Lights

Well-placed lighting helps prevent criminal activities. Having security lights could allow neighbors to see what’s taking place, which could help in identifying a burglar. They are important in dark places that cameras are set up.

4. Security Cameras

Probably the most common and valuable security feature to use is security cameras. It’s common to set these in prominent areas within easy view of anybody who could have criminal intent. The existence of a security camera can be enough to prevent burglar activity.

5. Extra Security Sensors

Adding extra security sensors may be another useful security feature for houses that need it. These sensors not only increase the security of the home; they also increase safety by providing some security against destruction and fire.

Security Systems Toronto, Ontario

Security Systems Toronto, Ontario

Locksley ltd specializes in security systems and security cameras in Toronto Ontario. We offer a variety security services ranging from:

  • Security camera installations
  • Card access panels
  • Burglar alarms
  • DVR systems
  • Hidden cameras
affordable Security Systems Toronto
Security Systems Toronto

We offer services to small business owners and homeowners. There are multiple reasons why you should install a security system. If you’re a business owner you want to protect your business, and you may also need a security system for insurance purposes.

If you’re a homeowner, you can save money on your homeowners insurance if you have a security system installed. What type of cameras do you need? Do you need indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, hidden cameras, analog cameras, or HD cameras?

Security Cameras

We have a variety cameras that will meet your needs. The first thing we’ll help you decide is the type of security system you need for your business or home. Once we decide on a security system, the next thing we do is determine how many cameras you need. We have analog cameras which have a low resolution, but they’re less expensive. So if you need a lot of cameras and you have a small budget, then analog cameras might be a perfect fit for you.

If you only need a few cameras and you require higher resolution, then the best choice is to go with our high definition cameras which are more expensive but will give you the best quality. All of our security components are top of the line and they all come with warranties. The type of cameras you need depends on the type of property that you’re trying to secure.

If you want to monitor a smaller area, then maybe you don’t require high definition cameras. But if you need an outdoor camera to monitor a large area outside, such as a parking lot, the best choice is to go with our wide lens high definition cameras. We can set up and install your security system within one business day. To get started we need to come out to your property so we can prepare an honest quote.

We offer affordable packages for any budget. We have free cameras, used cameras, new cameras, and top-of-the-line cameras available. We will install everything professionally, and we have all the proper cables to get the job done right the first time.

Hiring an inexperienced security systems company can cost you a lot of money. If the wiring is done incorrectly, it can cause a fire hazard and actually endanger your business instead of securing your business. Since we’re a small business, we take our customer service very seriously. We aim to please all of our clients and exceed their expectations. We work mainly off referrals so we want to make sure that you have an excellent experience so you’ll refer us to your friends and family.

What’s Your Budget?

The reason we ask for your budget is because we want to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck. We have security cameras that range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. If you only have a budget of $5,000 or less, we can recommend products based on that budget.

Depending on what you’re trying to secure, you might not need very expensive cameras. If you only need one camera, then it might make sense for you to get a high definition camera. But if you think you need 10 cameras or more and you have a small budget, then we can show you different options that will fit your needs. If you have a smartphone, we can even integrate your security system with your mobile device so you can arm and disarm you security system remotely.

Some clients think it’s cheaper to buy cameras online themselves and call to have someone install them. The problem with that is that if you inadvertently buy cheap cameras, or cameras the aren’t compatible with the required DVR system, you’re going to end up wasting your money and your time.

We can help you choose the best cameras and the best system for any budget. The type of cameras we have available compared to the cameras you can buy yourself at a hardware store are completely different. Our lowest model cameras have better quality and are more reliable than anything you can buy on your own.

Contact us today to set up an appointment. We’ll come out to your property and let you know how many cameras you need. Once we know your price range, we can narrow down which cameras will fit into your budget along with a DVR system to match. Contact us below using the contact form or call our toll-free number. We’re here to help!

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