Why Are Wireless Security Camera System So Popular?

Wireless cameras can work without the physical connection of cables. While bypassing that route, they operate by transmitting the video footage through a radio transmitter. The video is relayed to a receiver that is connected to a storage device. But why the increasing number of its users?

A wireless security system has emerged to be more reliable and overtly practical than the wired system. The dynamics of technology have made it even easier to install and operate. The fact that they do not use a battery and require less expertise to put up makes them even more preferable. We look into some of the reasons a wireless security camera system is increasingly becoming popular and driving away the wired connections.

It’s Very Flexible

  • You’re not required to open up walls for installation. You’re only required to mount the devices and strategically position each component. This setup allows you to easily move, reset or even expand the whole system.
  • You can always move with your system if you decide to move to a new home. It’s also easy adding some components to the existing system. This is not true about a hardwired system that requires a technician to do the work.

The wireless setup lets you incorporate many home-based appliances with so much ease and grandeur.

Quite Reliable

  • The security system can encode all the data thereby preventing access to any unauthorized entity.
  • Its reliability on Wi-Fi networks makes the transmission of data more efficient and fast.

Use of Battery

  • The wireless system is a battery-operated device that does not rely on electricity to operate. It is, therefore, appropriate to use in areas where electricity is unreliable and unstable.

Other Considerations

  • During the installation of a wired setup, different cords and cables are used. These wires could be cut off by thieves or intruders. You do not need to worry about wires being vandalized if you have a wireless system. You are always safe from outside intrusion.
  • A wireless system can send encoded data to the clouds. This allows you to review or watch the video footage from anywhere.
  • The wireless cameras do not only come in quality models. They are also able to provide quality pictures and videos.

The wireless security camera system not only ensures quality video footage but also assures reliability. More than anything else, it is easier to install and therefore a darling to many home users. Contact us now for more information.

What’s a CCTV Camera? How Does It Work?

A closed-circuit television camera, typically abbreviated CCTV camera has four major components. They include the camera, lens, monitor, and video recorder. CCTV cameras are mostly used in buildings and homes for security purposes.

The most important of all these is the camera. The camera collects data or images and sends them to a monitor or video recorder. The camera does operate the same way an ordinary camera works, however, it can be left to operate on its own.

How Do CCTV Cameras Work?

A complete closed-circuit TV system comprises of the following:

Security cameras that can either be analog or digital

  • Cables
  • Video recorders
  • Storage unit
  • Display unit

The Security Camera

The camera comes with a motor that helps in moving the zoomed images. The type of lens in use determines the ability to zoom. The camera captures the video while an opened hole at the front of the camera seizures light as it streams through the lens.

The camera is fitted with a digital chip that captures the continuous light stream. The light is then converted into a stream of images. The camera then records the signal to be conveyed either through the cable or wireless system. The camera has the Infrared Light Emitting Diodes that detects the brightness of light it receives.


These are wires that are used to connect different equipment in the CCTV setup. CCTV cameras are very specific to the types of cables they use. The cameras use either RJ45 or RJ59 cables. The RJ59 includes the BNC connectors that connect the camera to a video output or power connectors. The RJ45 cables are mainly used in the CCTV camera setup.

Video Recorders

Video signals that are sent by the CCTV camera are stored somewhere. This helps in future reference. The two main types of recorders are digital and analog recorders. The most prevalent and widely used presently in recording video footage is the Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) or the Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Hard Disk

This is a storage device that sores the video for later use.

A Display Unit

It displays the video on the screen by fetching the video images from DVR or NVR. The most interesting bit about CCTV cameras is that they can use one or more cameras at a time. It is, therefore, able to locate every part of the building or compound and capture all activities. Contact us for more information about CCTV’s and our security camera services.

Popular Security Systems for Business Owners

Protecting your business using a security system could be a step in the right direction. However, deciding on the choice of the system to install within your premises could be quite challenging. If you’re ready and fired up to secure your premises then let’s get rolling.

We’ll look into five of the most popular security system for business owners:

1. Vivint

Vivint is mostly used by home-based businesses. This is because it has many home-based automation features. The unique features are:

  • Smart door locks
  • Remote garage door controller
  • Doorbell

Vivint’s doorbell cameras enable you to see who is at your door and quickly respond to them just by a mobile connection. You can do this from anywhere you are.

2. ADT

ADT is suitable for a business that manages many employees that have access to the business. It allows the business owner to create distinctive codes for each person who has access to the alarm system. The code sends mobile alerts whenever someone comes into contact with the alarm system. Below are its features:

  • Key fobs
  • Alarm system

If you’re keen on monitoring movement within your premises and access to the business, then ADT is a common choice.

3. Nest

Nest is generally designed to be easy for you and hard on intruders and criminals. One of the most striking features of Nest is it’s high-quality cameras that can produce excellent pictures. The mere presence of these high-quality cameras is enough to prevent any form of theft. Below are its features:

  • Security camera
  • Video doorbell
  • Smart lock

4. Frontpoint

The front system has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest.

It has the Crash and Smash Protection. This feature automatically alerts the law enforcers when and if a burglar destroys the system’s control panel. It means nobody can destroy the system to enable them to have access to your premises.

5. Abode Security

This system is fixed with an all-in-one security kit. The feature enables one to access:

  • Motion detection
  • Video surveillance
  • Two-way talk

Additionally, it has custom engine (CUE) technology that enables you to create automation. The automation turns on the lights when it’s dark and locks your home once everyone leaves.

The security system you chose should be able to serve your business. Consider the features before you purchase. Contact us for more information.

What Is a Card Access System? How Does It Work?

The goal of a keycard access system is to permit and restrict access to certain areas of your business. There are different terms used to refer to keycards. Some people call them proximity cards, swipe cards or magnetic cards. It doesn’t matter what you choose to call them, they all follow the same principle, using an electronic chipping system to access an electrically powered door.

What is a Card Access System?

A card access system is a two-step validation system that provides a high level of security and access control. The design of the cards follows the same pattern; they look like your regular plastic card. However, they operate differently to achieve their purpose of securing an area. For the system to be effective, the card should be able to:

• Restrict the access of unauthorized persons to a certain area at certain times of the day.
• Take records of all valid and invalid use of the card.
• Controls the use of elevators and other systems that the card is paired with. For example, computers and security systems.

With a keycard, you don’t need to make use of traditional metal keys to access an area. That could be a benefit if you don’t like the weight of metal keys in your pocket.

How Card Access Systems Work

Card systems need a card reader to work. The reader is installed on the door and you need the card to gain access. Depending on the type of reader system, you may have to swipe against or insert the card into the reader to gain access.

The credentials of the user is embedded in the card chip and is examined by the card reader each time it is used. Once the reader accesses the information on the card and recognizes it, it sends a signal to the locking mechanism to grant access to the card. The entire process takes only a second.

Card access systems are best used when you’re looking to provide access to multiple doors. With a keycard access system, you don’t have to carry metal keys in your pocket. You can easily slide a keycard inside your wallet, and you won’t feel any added weight.

Card systems are commonly used in public buildings in Toronto where anyone can make it past the front door. Examples of such buildings include hotels, hospitals, libraries, and museums among many others. Contact us now for more information.

Why Does Your Business Need a Security System?

Surveillance systems are a necessity for any modern business in Toronto. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you employ the right security systems to safeguard your premises. You may be considering if it’s worth it, spending on a new security system for your business. The truth is it’s up to you to decide if you’ll be installing one or not, we’re only here to help you make a decision. Here are some of the reasons why your business needs a security system.

1. Prevents Employee Theft

Installing a new security system in your place of business in Toronto will prevent any form of theft. You don’t have to worry about your employees stealing from you. Since they’re being monitored, chances are they’ll think seriously before carting away with the company’s equipment.

2. Increases Employee Productivity

A new security system may be all you need to improve the productivity of your employees. With cameras installed at strategic locations around the office, you can bet your employees would not want to get caught doing something else on the company’s time. It reduces scenarios such as employees using the company’s Wi-Fi to watch Netflix or browse their social media accounts.

3. Improves your Corporate Image

You can improve your corporate ratings by installing a new security system. It can be the easiest way to assure your customers that you’re a step ahead in guaranteeing their safety when on your premises. You can also position yourself as a business that is interested in keeping up with the current best office practice.

4. Prevents Unauthorized Entry

How do you protect your business after office hours? You may consider hiring a night guard, but their duty is to watch the perimeter. Who watches the night guards? You can prevent unauthorized entry to your office complex in Toronto both from the outside and inside with a security system.

5. Takes Note

Most security systems in Toronto are fitted with recording devices that document every single aspect of the business day-to-day. You can playback the recordings in case of an investigation, and you can trust your security system to provide you with the evidence you need to assist the police in carrying out their duties. So it’s safe to say that security systems also improve the security of life and property in the environment of your business.

Remember that you don’t need to spend much on a surveillance system to secure your business, and you can easily find one in the Toronto area. Contact us now for more information about our security camera systems in Toronto.

What Are the Best Security Camera Systems?

There are a lot of security systems available on the market in Toronto. It can be a difficult task to find a suitable one for your business. They are different shapes, styles, designs, and operations which can be overwhelmingly confusing, especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

So what are the best security camera systems you can install in your home or business in Toronto on a budget? You can check out some of the systems below to find one that works for you.

1. Arlo Pro

The Arlo Pro is a wireless security camera system that features an alarm system. The alarm is triggered when there is an intruder so you can quickly take action. It’s equipped with night vision which provides extra visibility when it’s dark. The rechargeable batteries and 7-day cloud recording is another reason why we love the Arlo Pro.

2. Wyze Cam Pan

If you’re in the market for an indoor security camera system in Toronto, you may want to consider the Wyze Cam Pan. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant by activating the voice control feature. You can use the mobile app to control the system remotely. Live stream your recordings from anywhere you are in the world. The night vision also makes it possible for you to detect movements under poor lighting conditions.

3. Canary All-in-one

The Canary All-In-One is your best bet if you’re searching for a security camera system that works well with your smart home in Toronto. It features a full HD 1080p camera with a 147-degree lens view. It also features a sound recording that makes it possible for you to listen in on video recordings. You can connect your smartphone to the camera and take note of all the happenings in your home from your mobile phone.

4. Ring Spotlight Cam

The wire-free design and adjustable mount make it easy to install the Ring Spotlight Cam. Some of its features include one rechargeable battery pack, live view on-demand video, and audio; and is iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 compatible. The 140 degrees’ horizontal and 78 degrees’ vertical field of view ensures that you don’t miss anything.

5. Amazon Cloud Cam

The Amazon Cloud Cam is one of the best security camera systems you can install at home or business. The two-way audio system makes it possible for you to check-in with the family even when you are not around. The cloud cam works with Alexa to keep you notified of all that happens in your home.

Contact us for more information about security cameras and security systems in Tornoto, Canada.

Do Security Systems Work With VoIP?

VoIP Security Systems

Can your security system work over VoIP? This will depend on the system and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider. The two most significant factors are the method in which your VoIP system communicates with the monitoring center, and how VoIP service receives power.

Most security systems rely on standard land-line to communicate with the monitoring center. Security system coverage travels as a “sound” along copper wire, similar to a buzzing noise of a dial-up modem or fax machine.

VOIP is much more like a networking connection; voice is transformed to digital data in your home and streamed over the Internet connection to the listener at the opposite end. Every VoIP company uses somewhat different technology to achieve this, not every one of which is appropriate for every security system. The signal dispersed by the VoIP service might not be recognized by monitoring center as alarm signal.

To guarantee your safety, most security companies keep an up-to-date database of land-line providers in your community. Compatible land-line providers are provided the status of certified Managed Facility Voice Network (MFVN). Other VoIP systems may need extra equipment for battery or connection backup, like a cell phone option or specific powered network connection.

Pets causing a bogus alarm on a home security system depends upon the kind of system technology you own and the place you set the sensors. The normal motion sensor would identify any motion, whether it is caused by a burglar or by your pet that moved near it.

Home security providers invest a lot of time and resources to build pet tolerant motion detectors, thus avoiding pet-triggered bogus alarms. The outcomes are remarkable and represent the culmination of several hours of recorded pet and man movements.

What is a security system key fob?

A security key fob is a wireless remote device identical to those clickers in cars. In fact, they perform the similar function. The wireless remote control for your vehicle unlocks and locks the vehicle doors and initializes the in-built security system. It also includes an “anxiety button” that blares the horn and flashes the taillights and headlights.

The key fob, for your house security system disarms and arms the security system in your house. It also includes a panic switch that turns on the alarm, which causes the monitoring provider to be informed that a security break or other emergency is going on.

What is a panic pendant?

A panic pendant is a portable battery-operated device that makes sure the user constantly has access to the help they want in an emergency circumstance, like a burglary or debilitating fall.

A signal is sent out to the base unit, and a monitoring specialist from the security provider will get in touch with the user to determine whether they need help and what type of help. The monitoring specialist will instantly inform the suited personnel, like the fire department, emergency personnel or police.

Does a security system still work, if the power goes out?

The kind of security system you installed decides what will happen when there‘s an electricity outage in your house. There are lots of security systems available, so if you usually fall victim to electricity outages, you will want to be make sure that you get a security system that would keep you safe during those times.

Home Security Service Features

Home Security Service & Features in Hamilton

There is a wide array of security systems, and each one has specific features. Among the most fantastic features of a security system is that it provides you with total peace of mind with regards to the security of your house and family. But just like purchasing any other item, ensure that the alarm you purchase for your home is really worth the money with all the necessary features.

Many of the business security systems you see nowadays can be activated from home so that you can switch them on or off from the comfort of your couch. Some security systems even have an remote keychain feature that can help you to control the security system from outside your home also. Another essential feature is usually that the security alarms can come with a backup battery that’s fitted into the alarm’s keypad in order to make sure that the alarm works even if there’s no electric power.

Motion detectors are an additional modifiable feature that could suit pets that move around in the nights. However among one of the most important features to search for is the monitoring service. Make sure that whatever security system you purchase, it comes with an monitoring system. Actually you will realize that the rate of the system will rise up significantly when you incorporate the monitoring system to the features.

Listed here are a few features every security systems have:

1. Security Alarms

Among the standard security features is an alarm that “goes off” if a window or door is opened when it shouldn’t be. This kind of alarm, as well as others that could be tripped, alerts the burglar that their presence is known, or it transmits a quiet alarm to security or 911. Some security alarms can do both.

2. Safewatch CellGuard

CellGuard gives complete wireless security monitoring, meaning that the security company provides reliable security monitoring to assist in keeping your house and family safe without needing the extra cost of a cell phone.

Since CellGuard could be used entirely with a mobile phone or as a back-up to an active home phone line, it is a good fit for people who experience weak telephone coverage or those trying to discontinue their home telephone service.

3. Security Lights

Well-placed lighting helps prevent criminal activities. Having security lights could allow neighbors to see what’s taking place, which could help in identifying a burglar. They are important in dark places that cameras are set up.

4. Security Cameras

Probably the most common and valuable security feature to use is security cameras. It’s common to set these in prominent areas within easy view of anybody who could have criminal intent. The existence of a security camera can be enough to prevent burglar activity.

5. Extra Security Sensors

Adding extra security sensors may be another useful security feature for houses that need it. These sensors not only increase the security of the home; they also increase safety by providing some security against destruction and fire.

Choosing a Security System

How to Choose a Security System

Choosing a security system is a crucial part of safeguarding your home from dangerous situations like fire and intrusion. Making sure your property is efficiently safeguarded is essential to protecting your loved ones and belongings.

A properly placed exterior and interior lighting and high quality dead bolts will help lower the chance of being burgled. Here is some information that will help make quick decision.

Which is Better? Wired or Wireless Home Security Systems?

Depending on the features you need from a security system; wired security systems have an advantage on reliability, whilst wireless security systems provide a much more streamlined set up and could be used in areas where wired security systems can’t.

A wireless system utilizes different sensors all through the home which connect wirelessly to the main control panel, usually utilizing radio frequency tech. The control panel may then interact wirelessly to outside world by means of a cellular “up-link.” Generally, your security system will have a cellphone of its own.

A wired security system connects sensors to a control panel with a connection of wires, buried within the floors and walls of your house, and to outside world by means of your home’s land-line.

If your property doesn’t have a system pre-installed, wireless systems could solve many problems. You will not need to bother about digging holes, making wireless a very appealing option for historic homes, rentals or homes with solid interior brick, stone or granite construction.

Contract Length

These contracts are generally long-term but could also be monthly, based on your service and equipment needs. Your house security is important to you, your loved ones, and your belongings; so it is very important to get to a system contract that provides what you want at a rate within your budget.

Alarm monitoring contracts could last from between 12 to 60 months; however the industry standard is around 36 months. The length of the contract could often determine the sum of your month-to-month payments, to a level. The longer you’re in contract for, the lesser your month-to-month charges should be. This is often because you’re increasing the contract’s primary costs (like installation and equipment) to be paid out with time.

Ultimately, in terms of contracts, you have to decide which option is most economically viable for you. The length of the contract, or if you subscribe to one, completely depends upon how much you would like to spend on the equipment (whether upfront or after a while).

There is an array of security systems, and each one has unique features that differentiate it from its competitions. When distinguishing between security systems, it is very important to consider some things such as monitoring, installation, home automation; the capacity to control different events in your house beyond standard security, such as switching lights off and on, thermostat settings, etc.

Before you choose a certain security system, spend some time to decide which kind of system will perfectly match your property and life-style. Get familiar with the different features that each security system offers, read customer reviews, browse comparison pages, and then you will be able to choose the security system that’s best for you!