What Is a Card Access System? How Does It Work?

The goal of a keycard access system is to permit and restrict access to certain areas of your business. There are different terms used to refer to keycards. Some people call them proximity cards, swipe cards or magnetic cards. It doesn’t matter what you choose to call them, they all follow the same principle, using an electronic chipping system to access an electrically powered door.

What is a Card Access System?

A card access system is a two-step validation system that provides a high level of security and access control. The design of the cards follows the same pattern; they look like your regular plastic card. However, they operate differently to achieve their purpose of securing an area. For the system to be effective, the card should be able to:

• Restrict the access of unauthorized persons to a certain area at certain times of the day.
• Take records of all valid and invalid use of the card.
• Controls the use of elevators and other systems that the card is paired with. For example, computers and security systems.

With a keycard, you don’t need to make use of traditional metal keys to access an area. That could be a benefit if you don’t like the weight of metal keys in your pocket.

How Card Access Systems Work

Card systems need a card reader to work. The reader is installed on the door and you need the card to gain access. Depending on the type of reader system, you may have to swipe against or insert the card into the reader to gain access.

The credentials of the user is embedded in the card chip and is examined by the card reader each time it is used. Once the reader accesses the information on the card and recognizes it, it sends a signal to the locking mechanism to grant access to the card. The entire process takes only a second.

Card access systems are best used when you’re looking to provide access to multiple doors. With a keycard access system, you don’t have to carry metal keys in your pocket. You can easily slide a keycard inside your wallet, and you won’t feel any added weight.

Card systems are commonly used in public buildings in Toronto where anyone can make it past the front door. Examples of such buildings include hotels, hospitals, libraries, and museums among many others. Contact us now for more information.