Security Systems Hamilton: Free Cameras Promotion

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Read more about our FREE camera promotion below.

Hello. I’d like to talk about our free camera promotion. I receive a lot of emails and phone calls asking about our free cameras, so I want to explain more here.

If you want to take advantage of our free camera promotion, you’ll need to set up a security system with a minimum of 6 cameras. If you’re calling to only set up a system with one or two cameras, then you won’t qualify for the free camera promotion.

If you’re setting up an extensive security system, then I can offer a multitude of discounts. The more cameras you order, the bigger discount I can give you. We use top of the line cameras! You won’t find the type of cameras I use at your local Best Buy or Costco. Those cameras are cheap, they have bad quality, and they’re burn out fast and you’ll have to replace them.

If you’ve purchased cameras that you want me to install, I need more information about the cameras first. There has been times when a client has purchased cameras from a 3rd party company, and I advised them that it was a cheap camera. After install their system using their cameras, 90% of those clients are unhappy with the video quality and they have to pay me AGAIN to uninstall the system and install a new one. That’s a waste of your time and money.

I’ve been installing security systems and cameras for the past 12 years, and I keep up with all the quality security cameras and components on the market. I purchase all my cameras and DVR systems at wholesale and I have access to everything; even the cheap cameras that you can purchase at Best Buy.

My job is to make sure I’m installing a quality product that will last for a long period of time with little to zero maintenance. If I install a cheap security system, you might as well put me on a monthly retainer because you’ll have to call me several times a month to come fix it. What’s the point of installing a security system if it doesn’t work or the cameras have bad quality?

You have to take the security of your home and business serious. It’s almost like car insurance…cheap car insurance is fine until you get into a car accident; then it’s worthless. If you want to install a security system just for looks to deter people, then yes, go to Best Buy. If you’re serious about protecting your business and your home, then give me a call. I have affordable security systems and DVR systems (the device the records what the camera sees) specially designed for homeowners, small business owners, and huge corporations.

Call us and set up an appointment today. I need to visit the property and/or business to give you an accurate quote. Depending on the size of the area you’re trying to record, you might need a certain type of camera and there’s no way for me to know that over the phone. There’s no way a professional security company can give you an accurate quote without seeing what needs to be done. You want to work accurately, right? YES! Call me and set up an appointment today.


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