Security Systems Hamilton, Ontario

Security Systems Hamilton, Ontario

Locksley Ltd is the top rated security systems provider in Hamilton, Ontario! We offer a wide variety of security cameras to meet your needs; it doesn’t matter if you’re a small business owner or a homeowner.

There are a lot of reasons why you might consider installing a security system. If you’re a business owner, you might need to install a security system for insurance reasons, to deter criminals, or to keep an eye on your employees. Locksley Ltd has security packages designed for every situation, so we’ve got you covered.

Security Systems Hamilton Ontario
Security Systems Hamilton

A lot of small businesses need to set up card access panels to control access to certain parts of the building. We have affordable solutions to help keep your restricted areas secure from employees that don’t have the proper clearance. We can also set up CCTV cameras and even hidden cameras to monitor these restricted areas.

We’ll set up and install the cameras and DVR systems so you can record everything for your records. We use trusted brand name components and quality cables so you’ll have a reliable security system that works 24/7. If you own a smartphone, we’ll show you how to keep an eye on your employees when you’re on the road directly from your mobile device.

Locksley Ltd also offers top of the line alarm systems to protect your business and your home. We offer remote systems that you can arm or disarm without even being on location. Just let us know your situation, and we can give you a few idea that might fit your needs.

Security Cameras

We offer a wide variety of security cameras. We can a provide you will high definition cameras, analog cameras, hidden cameras, and motion sensor cameras. The type of cameras you need depends on what you’re trying to secure. Some people choose to buy a few cheap cameras from Best Buy or Costco, then later find out that those cameras aren’t what they need.

It’s important for us to set up an appointment so we can see where/what you’re trying to record. If you’re only trying to record a small room, you’ll need less expensive cameras compared to trying to record a parking lot at the mall. Do you need high definition or analog cameras? Once again, it depends! Are you trying to see license plates or do you just want to see who’s at your front gate before you open it? It also depends on your budget.

What’s Your Budget?

Some people take it the wrong way when we ask them, “What’s your budget?” but it’s a very relevant question. We offer free cameras all the way up to cameras that cost $10,000 each. Depending on what you’re your trying to accomplish or how many cameras you need, I need to know your budget.

Let’s say for example that you need ten cameras set up and installed, but you only have a budget of $5,000. We need to know this information so we can look at cameras within your budget. There are hundreds of cameras to choose from, and there’s no need for us to look at cameras that cost $1,000 each if you need ten. Ten cameras would cost $10,000 which is double your budget without even installation.

In a situation like this, we’ll look at the cheapest cameras so you can get all ten. If you need cameras with high resolution, we’ll be able to honestly tell you how many high resolution cameras you can get installed within your budget. There’s probably even a way to secure all the areas you want with five cameras instead of ten. Call us now to set up an appointment. You can also use the contact form explaining what you need.

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