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There’s a lot of security companies in Hamilton, Mississauga, and Toronto; but who can you trust? You can start by looking up reviews for the company! We have completed a lot of jobs and have very large clients such as car dealerships. As you can see, we have 9 reviews on Google and they’re all positive with many more reviews to come.

Security Systems Hamilton Reviews
Security Systems Hamilton Reviews: Locksley

We pride ourselves on customer service, and our main goal is to make sure that you, the client, are happy. We make it our goal to under-promise and over-deliver! We treat our clients like family, and we’ll do anything to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our work. We depend heavily on referrals, so we don’t take any shortcuts when installing your security system.

One of the main reasons we don’t offer blind quotes over the phone is because we don’t want to mislead our clients. We offer hundreds of different cameras, and the prices range from $100 all the way up to $10,000. The difference in price varies depending on the resolution of the camera and the viewing range. It also depends on how many cameras you need to install because you’ll need a matching DVR system that can handle the camera load.

Offering a blind quote and then changing the price later is the quickest way to receive bad reviews. The reason we have such good reviews is because we’re up front with our clients. I can easily determine what you need after I have a look at your property, and then I’ll be able to install a proper setup. Communication is very important to ensure that you get what you need within your budget.

We offer more than security camera installations; and we’re not limited to the Hamilton area. We offer home security systems, card access for small business, stand alone digital video recorders (DVR), network systems for your business or your home, and home theater and surround sound systems. We also offer hidden cameras, spy cameras (make sure the babysitter is doing her job!), remote access cameras, explosion proof cameras, cable pulling, and switch and router installation.

If you have a security system that needs to be updated, or you need your cameras changed; give us a call! I can update your cameras and set you up with a new installation. If you have a good install, I can work with your current setup; but it might be less expensive to just change everything out.

I noticed that a lot of security companies do a very bad job of wiring which causes the DVR system to malfunction, and the cameras burn out faster. Call us today and set up an appointment. We’ll be happy to visit your location and put together an affordable quote.


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