Top-Rated Security Cameras in 2019

Security cameras are vital assets in protecting your home and property. Thieves can get away with ease if you don’t use the right technology to identify them. Modern outdoor security cameras offer the convenience of smart home device features with high-quality camera technology for remote viewing of your premises. The top brands can send alerts to your phone when they detect motion, record in HD quality even at night, and withstand any type of weather.

Here are our picks for the top-rated security cameras for 2019:

HD TVI Cameras

HD TVI cameras are affordable, the installation process is easy. Their video quality is one of the best you can find. These cameras can be used as another option to the conventional analog CCTV and megapixel IP surveillance cameras.

2MP Turret Camera 2.8mm

In darkness and poor lighting conditions, these cameras can capture clear-cut images and have a wide dynamic range of up to 120dB. They are used for outdoor surveillance and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) cameras have an extensive range of footage capability. The image quality is superior and gives high-quality detail with the use of one camera. They can be easily incorporated into your security system and has an automatic zoom feature, which sets in when there is a possible security breach.

Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras are also known as the thermographic or thermal imaging cameras. They can be both mounted and hand-held. They function efficiently under harsh environments and can detect pending dangers via temperature changes. They work perfectly for both indoor and outdoor.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are great for indoor and outdoor use. Their features include tamper-proof and Night Vision as additional security for periods of darkness. They can also monitor ranges from 180 – 360-degree angles.

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