What’s a CCTV Camera? How Does It Work?

A closed-circuit television camera, typically abbreviated CCTV camera has four major components. They include the camera, lens, monitor, and video recorder. CCTV cameras are mostly used in buildings and homes for security purposes.

The most important of all these is the camera. The camera collects data or images and sends them to a monitor or video recorder. The camera does operate the same way an ordinary camera works, however, it can be left to operate on its own.

How Do CCTV Cameras Work?

A complete closed-circuit TV system comprises of the following:

Security cameras that can either be analog or digital

  • Cables
  • Video recorders
  • Storage unit
  • Display unit

The Security Camera

The camera comes with a motor that helps in moving the zoomed images. The type of lens in use determines the ability to zoom. The camera captures the video while an opened hole at the front of the camera seizures light as it streams through the lens.

The camera is fitted with a digital chip that captures the continuous light stream. The light is then converted into a stream of images. The camera then records the signal to be conveyed either through the cable or wireless system. The camera has the Infrared Light Emitting Diodes that detects the brightness of light it receives.


These are wires that are used to connect different equipment in the CCTV setup. CCTV cameras are very specific to the types of cables they use. The cameras use either RJ45 or RJ59 cables. The RJ59 includes the BNC connectors that connect the camera to a video output or power connectors. The RJ45 cables are mainly used in the CCTV camera setup.

Video Recorders

Video signals that are sent by the CCTV camera are stored somewhere. This helps in future reference. The two main types of recorders are digital and analog recorders. The most prevalent and widely used presently in recording video footage is the Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) or the Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Hard Disk

This is a storage device that sores the video for later use.

A Display Unit

It displays the video on the screen by fetching the video images from DVR or NVR. The most interesting bit about CCTV cameras is that they can use one or more cameras at a time. It is, therefore, able to locate every part of the building or compound and capture all activities. Contact us for more information about CCTV’s and our security camera services.