What Causes False Alarms on Home Security Systems?

Having adequate security for your home is always a top priority. While home security systems are one of the best options on the market, things happen, which can create false alarms. False alarms can cause much discomfort for the homeowner. They also result in wasted revenue and time on the part of the responder. There are a number of factors that can trigger a false alarm:

System malfunction and low batteries: Systems malfunction for various reasons e.g. electrical surges, glitches in telephone lines. Also, all batteries carry expiration dates. Therefore, they should be regularly monitored to ensure effective performance.

Unsecured doors and windows: If doors and windows are left open or are not properly secured, this will cause the alarm system to trip off.

Alarm settings: If the alarm system is highly sensitive, the slightest motion by animals or other things both inside and outside of your home can trigger the alarm.

Input Error: If the security code is forgotten, entering incorrect codes multiple times can trigger the alarm.

Poor Installation: If the security system is not professionally installed, there is a very high possibility that the system will malfunction.

Insects: Insects have a tendency to get into components and cause them to malfunction.

Many states enforce a fine for false alarms. At Locksley Limited, we can help prevent you from being fined and these unfortunate occurrences, we recommend the following:

– Hire a licensed and specially trained technician to install your security system.
– Choose a code that is user-friendly, yet difficult for unwanted visitors to figure out.
– Secure all doors and windows at all times.
– Have a technician maintain your system on a regular basis.
– Ensure that the sensitivity to your security system is pet-friendly.

At Locksley, we will install the best system for your property and ensure it functions well. If you want to be free of unnecessary false alarms, contact us. We are just a phone call away!