How Do Wireless Security Systems Work?

A wireless home security system gives you the ability to quickly detect any unwanted visitors. It also allows you to monitor your home; you can arm and disarm the system from anywhere in the world with the use of technology. It is a composite of various components that work together to ensure the safety of property and its residents:

A control panel: This is the heart of the security system, where the operational programming is configured. All sensors are connected to the control panel and communicate via signals. Control panels operate either with keypads, remote controls or by way of voice commands.

Sensors (internal and external): There are several types of sensors, e.g. noise, window, and motion. These sensors are strategically placed both inside and outside the home and are used to detect security breaches. They operate with technology such as microwave, infrared, ultrasonic, and magnetic sensors which are used specifically on doors and windows.

Wireless or wired cameras: These are positioned in key locations, both internally and externally. The cameras are connected to video recorders, which are used to monitor movement within and outside of your property.

High-decibel alarms or sirens: Whenever there is a security breach, the high-decibel alarms or sirens will release loud continuous sounds to alert residents, persons within close proximity, and the relevant authorities. These alarms act as a means of thwarting possible break-ins and help capture criminals.

Stickers and signs can also be used to send a warning message to criminal elements. This method can also aid in deterring possible intrusions.

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