Security Systems Mississauga, Ontario

Security Systems Mississauga, Ontario

Are you still looking for an affordable security systems provider in Mississauga? Contact Locksley ltd now. We provide security systems, security cameras, alarm systems, and card access systems to secure your business or home.

So what type of security do you need? Are you a business owner? Are you a homeowner? No matter the type of security system you need, Locklsey has you covered. Some business owners need cameras to watch their employees, prevent theft, and deter burglars. We have cameras that are in high definition and analog cameras that will provide you with the security that you need.

cheap Security Systems Mississauga
Security Systems Mississauga

Security Cameras

Let’s start off with the cameras. What type of cameras do you need? You might decide to go with high definition cameras if you only need a few cameras; or if you have a smaller budget, you may want to go with analog cameras. Depending on what you’re trying to record, you may only need a few cameras to secure the area. We also offer hidden cameras, explosion proof cameras, outdoor cameras, and indoor cameras.

Our security cameras installed with our custom DVR system will keep track of all the activity on your property. We can set up and install everything for you within a day. The first thing we need to do is set up an appointment to see the area that you’re trying to secure.

Based on our assessment, we can help you decide how many cameras you need and what type of system you need to achieve your goals. We use top of the top of the line wiring, cables, and cameras to make sure that you have a reliable security system that won’t fail you.

Some people choose to buy their cameras at Best Buy or Costco, but a lot of those cameras are usually low quality cameras. We can get you low quality cameras too, as well as some free cameras; but depending on what you’re trying to secure, you’ll probably need high definition cameras so you can record detailed images. If you need to see license plates, facial expressions, or what’s in someones hand, then you need high definition cameras.

If you’re only trying to record a small room you might not need an expensive camera system. But if you’re trying to record a large area like the main floor in your workplace, or a parking lot, then it makes more sense to get high definition cameras that will enable you to zoom in and see exactly what’s going on in specific areas. The more expensive set-ups include cameras and installation systems that can be controlled remotely even using your mobile phone.

What’s Your Budget?

We ask a lot of people what their budget is. The reason we ask for your budget is because there are hundreds of cameras to choose from. We have some cameras that are free, and we have some cameras that cost $10,000 and more.

You may want high definition cameras, but depending on what you’re trying to record you might not need a high definition camera. Sometimes you can get by with analog cameras if you’re just trying to record a small room in your house, people arriving at your front gate, or a newborn baby’s room.

How many cameras do you need? Sometimes clients have a very small budget but they want 10 to 15 cameras setup and installed. If you have a budget of less than $10,000 and require 10 to 15 cameras, keep in mind that these cameras have to be purchased, installed, you also need wiring, and you need a DVR system which will record what the camera sees. So it’s important for us to know your budget so we can find cameras and a DVR system that fits your budget.

So when we ask you for your budget, we’re only asking for a price range, and if you help us then we can help you. As mentioned earlier there are over 100 cameras to choose from and we want to know which cameras we should focus on based on your budget. We don’t want to look at cameras that cost $5,000 each if your budget is only $5,000. We also don’t want to sell you short if you have a large budget and would like a “Mission Impossible Secret Spy” set up!

Whatever type of security system you need, we can do it. All of our equipment is top of the line so you won’t be disappointed. Contact us now to set up an appointment! We can come down to look at the area that you want to secure, and we can brainstorm with you to find out how many cameras you need. After you let us know your budget, we can do our research to find a few different packages that might suit your needs.

Contact us now using the contact form below! You can also contact us directly via email or toll-free using our 800 number. We look forward to your call!

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