Best Security Cameras in Toronto

Best Security Cameras

Security cameras are available in different types and shapes. So, before installing security cameras in your home or office, find out which one suits your requirements. Let’s categorize these security cameras in 4 categories.

Wired Security Cameras

If you want to monitor some place for a long period of time, wired cameras are the best option for you. These cameras are fixed at one place and they monitor only that specific area. These cameras will be useful for street security, entrance and exit gates, hospitals, buildings, malls etc.

Wireless Security Cameras

These are portable cameras. These cameras require no wiring. These are quite easy to install. These are useful for short term use like events, parties, carnivals etc. where you could use the camera and then remove it after finishing the job. You can also use these for other security purposes. The main feature of these cameras is that you can change their position whenever you want.

Hidden Security Cameras

These cameras come in tiny sizes, different shapes that look like ordinary objects but have a camera installed in it. Most commonly these are found in clocks, pictures that can be hanged on the wall, toys, other household items, pens, glasses and so on; the list is very long. You can find these in any shape you want. You can also find these cameras in very small sizes and almost invisible and can be installed and placed anywhere you want.

These cameras also come with some great features like smoke detection. These are the best when you don’t want anyone to know that there is a camera around. You can place these in your own home for safety purposes. However, we would not recommend that you use these cameras for illegal purposes. There are many benefits of security cameras but there are also many bad ways of using these cameras. Use these cameras for security and not to spy on people or any other illegal activities.

Fake Security Cameras

These are just dummy cameras and are not expensive at all. These are quite useful for showing off. These fake cameras let people know that you are taking measures to secure your property. You can use these cameras for a small store, outside of the home, in the garden, garage etc. When a person notices a camera around, they will automatically behave better and try not to steal things in order to avoid going to jail.

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Security Cameras: Doorbell Security

Security Cameras

Doorbell security cameras are being used by a lot of people and they are still getting a lot of fame due to their incredible safety benefits and conveniences. People install them inside or outside of their homes for security purposes.

Deterring & Catching Burglars

You might be facing break in attempts by burglars and now you can easily avoid them by installing doorbell security cameras. They warn thieves and burglars that the home is secure with security and alarms to catch them in the case of any crime.

Do you know the best benefit of theses cameras? They really help when your packages or parcels left unattended in front of your door. These security cameras also include a variety of features ranging from live streaming with mobile alerts when some sort of motion is detected. They record videos and pictures in high resolution. Their footage can be used as evidences and help law reinforcements when an incident occurs.

Peace of Mind

Typical cameras come with some limited functions and features that are basically taking pictures and footage. Doorbell security cameras come with audio listening and recording as well. You don’t have to worry about your home when you are absent.

Always perform a check before opening the door and ask who is there. You can perform this check when you are present but what if you are absent? You can do this through the audio controls, intercom, and the video footage. The intercom allows you to communicate through a system with those at the door without opening the door. Isn’t it the coolest security measure for you and your home when you are alone or absent?

One more added feature is that these cameras are capable of doing the same things for you at night as well. They come with the infrared or the LED technology that is night-vision capable. They can also record high definition footage near the entrance of your home. Regardless of day or night, you will get HD quality footage near your home’s entrance or where they are installed.

They raise The Value Of Your Property

Secure homes are more likely to be bought by various people as compared to those homes without any security system in place. Research has shown that most buyers are more willing to purchase smart homes integrated with security technology; they sell much faster than typical homes. By choosing to install security cameras, you keep your family safe and the price of the house will go up which will prove beneficial in case you ever decide to move.

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Top 3 Security Installation Mistakes

Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Installing Security Systems

There are more than a few security cameras on the market. Since most of them are affordable and have great security benefits there is almost no reason for someone not to buy a security camera for their home or business. Keep in mind, just because you can buy a security camera doesn’t mean that you can install one as well. Here are some common mistakes that people end up making when installing security cameras so that you can avoid them.

Security Camera Positioning

One of the most common and most likely to occur mistakes made by people who install security cameras themselves is that they end up positioning cameras at the wrong angle. In most cases people end up pointing the camera in line of sight to a source of light that obstructs their vision or either point the camera to close to the ground.

When you install a security camera try to make sure that no source of light is in its path, it’s reasonably above the ground, and has a relatively strong Wi-Fi signal so that video stream isn’t choppy or has connection issues.

Not Enough Security Cameras

Yes, most modern security cameras have great area coverage but that doesn’t mean that one is enough. Considering the fact that even most high end security cameras are reasonably priced, it makes sense to spend a little extra money to cover many years of safety.

If you buy only a single security camera, either the lower or higher levels of the house will remain un-secure. Considering the fact that a burglar can enter your house through the back and front it only makes sense to buy enough to cover your house from both back and front as well as top to bottom if you truly want to be safe.

Forget Security System Passwords

When people buy a new security camera for their home, they mostly come pre-configured with a default password. Most unknowing owners either don’t bother changing the password to their camera, or entirely forget about changing it to something more secure. Before you setup your Wi-Fi camera, people must make sure that the network they are associating cameras to have a secure encryption configuration and a complex SSID/passcode.

For extra security, pick a camera that requires the client to enter the camera’s password key amid setup and has double encryption for added safety. Numerous cameras come pre-arranged, but you should change all the passwords. Consider something complex and incorporate an assortment of numbers and letters.

Do you need help installing your security cameras or security system? Contact us now to get started..

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Security Systems Mississauga: Do You Need One?

Security Systems Installation

There was a time that businesses would be content with basic locks and safes but times have changed so have their needs for security. Today security cameras are making basic security measures obsolete. If you are thinking about adding surveillance security to your business or thinking about upgrading your old surveillance methods, it will prove helpful to know how security cameras can help you and your business.

Security Systems Reduces Theft & Vandalism

Let’s start with the simplest advantages. If you have a security camera surveillance system, chances are that the possibility of a robbery or vandalism will go down exponentially when compared to not having a security system. As things stand now, there are over 275 million incidents of retail theft globally each year, so having security cameras to make your business more secure is a very good idea.

Locksley Security Systems Are Easy to Use

Today, security cameras are much easier to use and implement and their effects are far more beneficial. Compared to old security cameras that required a lot of complex wiring to be done to view multiple feeds, security cameras today are mostly wireless and setting them up has never been easier. By installing modern security cameras, you can effectively monitor your surveillance feed from anywhere on various devices as well as having the capability to store the feeds on hard drives for future use if necessary.

Security Systems Help Keep An Eye On Your Staff

As an employer you have the right to know whether your staff is doing their fair share of the work or not. According to a CNN report, Ryan Elmore a restaurant owner was able boost profits by 40% after installing a security surveillance system! After installing the new surveillance system, Ryan Elmore found out that his employees were taking unnecessary smoking breaks and were texting their friends on the job! “I couldn’t believe it,” says Elmore. “You may trust your employees, but you don’t know what happens when you walk out that door.”

You Know What’s Going On All the Time

A key aspect of modern surveillance systems is that thanks to a modern security camera system, you can watch feeds from anywhere in the world on almost any device. This is probably one of the most overlooked yet beneficial advantages of implementing a security camera installation in your business.

Cost Effective

Many people often worry about home security camera cost but they’re not as expensive as you may think! The best part about installing or updating your security with a modern security camera surveillance is that it is far more affordable to both implement and maintain. A digital security system is far easier to install than an analog security system. Bloomberg reported in a study that due to security cameras in 392 restaurants, they not just saw a 22 percent drop in theft, but also a 7 percent increase in profits. Considering how affordable security cameras are today this almost seems like an investment too good not to make!

Ask us about our security cameras and security system installations in Hamilton, Mississauga, and Toronto, Canada.

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Burglar Alarm Systems for Homeowners

Burglar Alarm Systems For Homeowners in Mississauga

Nearly everybody is capable of setting up a security burglar alarm system in their home. All you have to do is carefully work out the main points prior to deciding to start on the project. The first step is to determine the kind of burglar system you wish to install, and then examine the features that you’d like to include in the burglar system.

For most house owners, selecting the best home security alarm system is very simple as they’re content with owning a burglar system capable of discouraging possible burglars from attempting burglaries. Other people, however, might focus on setting up a burglar system made to catch a burglar in the act of breaking into the buildings.

A choice that is high on the list of priorities for most people, when deciding on the right security system for their home is that it has a silent alarm linked to a monitoring company that notifies the police that a robbery is going-on.

Burglar Alarm Systems For New Houses

For new houses, burglar systems are effective as hardwired systems since they’re more affordable. The cables and wires might be integrated while building the new home. If someone is aiming to install a security system on a pre-existing building or home, you can opt for a wireless burglar system. This is faster to install, and it does not tamper with your existing structure, however it is quite more costly compared to a hardwire system. But in regards to economy, both burglar systems might work best in their target conditions.

Burglar systems today could also be used for various purposes also. Other functions include; safety alarms, fire, and intrusion. These could also be utilized simultaneously also.

There are various types of burglar alarm systems depending on the area of protection and the precise needs of the homeowner. It could go from smaller self-contained noisemakers, for a smaller home, to even more sophisticated multi-zoned systems with color-coded computer monitor outputs for sizable corporations.

More About Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar systems are both for homes and offices. There are a lot more places that need security from intruders. A burglar system could now be utilized on cars, trucks, and other vehicles that have important contents. These burglar systems could also be tied to each other for intense security.

A burglar alarm system is built with one or more keypads that you punch a certain code into whenever you enter the home to turn off the system. The code enables the system to know that the person coming into the house is the owner and not an intruder.

Other benefits of a burglar alarm system arise from the savings on homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies will give special discounts for having a burglar system installed as it’s also another kind of protection for them. These systems decrease the volume of claims brought on by theft or damage resulting from robbery.

Before going about selecting the right system, you should determine the level of the security necessary. Selecting the right system is simple and easy if you consider all essential aspects, but, if you’re unable to figure out what’s best in your certain situation, you could always call in a professional for additional input and advice.

Security Cameras for Business Owners

Security Cameras for Business Owners in Mississauga

Among the most prevalent concerns of a regular business owner is client theft. However, there could be some situations that a businessman can also be worried about inside jobs, even when they have full trust in their workers. Realistically, one of the primary crime issues that business owners face is worker theft.

For businessmen, setting up a business security system is extremely important. Security cameras allow you to monitor customers and your workers. Alternatively, your security cameras could also enable your workers to keep an eye on customers. It is crucial to record the activities that the security cameras obtain so that anytime your business has traces of theft; you could present the recorded videos or photos to court as solid evidence of possible suspects.

Why Are Security Cameras Important?

Another one of the reasons why it is very important to have security cameras set up is to prevent workers and other people from wrongfully, however intentionally, taking stored items or products in the warehouses. This particularly can give the businessperson more gains and no losses. It’s up to the businessperson if he would like to have visible or hidden security cameras set up at his workplace. Keep in mind that with a hidden security camera you will catch them doing things that they’re not supposed to be doing.

There are many shop keepers who believe that hidden security cameras are an ideal choice, however for other business people, hidden cameras are not ideal especially in department stores or supermarkets. Hidden security cameras obviously are “hidden” so they cannot prevent crime from occurring because nobody knows that the hidden cameras are there.

Hidden Security Cameras In Mississauga 

Hidden security cameras are great at capturing attempts of crime; however these are not the perfect devices for stopping them initially. For typical business people, what matters to them is avoidance of crime at their ventures. However, there’re some situations that a hidden security camera is the greatest choice particularly if a typical businessperson wishes to catch a suspect in the process.

With the existence of fully noticeable security cameras, customers as well as workers will know that the devices are watching their moves. Fully visible security cameras have usually proved that they’re a great deterrent against robbery and shoplifting.

One of the likely decisions that a business owner must make is always to buy both kinds of security cameras. There’re some places that need completely visible security cameras like entrance door, the cashier counter, exit door as well as tight corners while hidden security cameras could be perfect in places like the businessperson’s office.

For a prospering business enterprise, it is important to have a business surveillance system. In fact, these devices are the only means to get some solid evidence on any burglar activity that could happen at the workplace.

So in conclusion if you wish to have a comfortable fuzzy feeling about your business, you can then buy a business security camera so as to have the ability to know that your employees are doing all you ask them to do because there’s absolutely nothing worse than paying somebody while they steal your goods.

Top 5 Reasons To Install A Security System

Top 5 Reasons To Install A Security System in Mississauga

Your home is among the most crucial parts of your life. It’s where you relax, rest, and survive. Not only does it consist of your most cherished and treasured materialistic items, it’s also where you and your family members seek protection. It is crucial that you safeguard this precious asset by thinking of utilizing a security system for your home. There are various benefits associated with installing these devices.

You Should Install a Security System in Mississauga To:

1. Protect Your Family and Home from Burglars

The major reason a homeowner should think about installing a security system is because it provides protection to members of the family from burglars. The mere existence of an alarm system is abundant enough, usually, to protect your home and the residents from a robbery.

Having a home security system installed often gives family members enough warning to get to a secure location outside the house while the alarm system dispatches nearby authorities. For intruders that enter a house realizing that members of the family are inside, their intentions are usually more dangerous and home alarm system serve as an initial warning system and calls the local authorities.

2. Burglars Love Weak Targets

Among the perfect things about installing a security system is the fact that they come with a label for your door or window or a signal for your backyard telling possible criminals you have one.

Intruders like to get away with their crimes, thus the “alarm badge” alone could persuade some to move to the poor sap who believed a window locked could keep them out.

3. Protects Belongings

This is, obviously, the advantage many people instantly think of. We all know people who have lost jewelry, electronics, as well as other high-value items as a result of a home invasion. The misfortune is compounded if the item is a valuable family treasure. A security system alarm scares off many likely burglars and will notify local authorities if anyone attempts a robbery.

4. Decreases Homeowner’s Insurance

Yes, you might be paying a month-to-month fee for the security system, but owning the system in your house could lower your homeowner’s insurance up to 20 percent. That, along with the other advantages, makes home security a good deal.

Home insurance is an essential part of one’s life. Thus, there’re some companies that will give discounts when you have security system placed in your home. 

5. Peace of Mind

The sort of security and peace of mind you gain with a home security system is probably the greatest advantage of all. Besides being safe, the assurance of feeling safe will assist you be a much healthier, productive, and focused individual.

Adding a security system to your house gives you an additional layer of protection against any possible intruders. Whether you own or rent, you will enjoy the benefits that are included with having a home security system.

Do Security Systems Work With VoIP?

VoIP Security Systems

Can your security system work over VoIP? This will depend on the system and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider. The two most significant factors are the method in which your VoIP system communicates with the monitoring center, and how VoIP service receives power.

Most security systems rely on standard land-line to communicate with the monitoring center. Security system coverage travels as a “sound” along copper wire, similar to a buzzing noise of a dial-up modem or fax machine.

VOIP is much more like a networking connection; voice is transformed to digital data in your home and streamed over the Internet connection to the listener at the opposite end. Every VoIP company uses somewhat different technology to achieve this, not every one of which is appropriate for every security system. The signal dispersed by the VoIP service might not be recognized by monitoring center as alarm signal.

To guarantee your safety, most security companies keep an up-to-date database of land-line providers in your community. Compatible land-line providers are provided the status of certified Managed Facility Voice Network (MFVN). Other VoIP systems may need extra equipment for battery or connection backup, like a cell phone option or specific powered network connection.

Pets causing a bogus alarm on a home security system depends upon the kind of system technology you own and the place you set the sensors. The normal motion sensor would identify any motion, whether it is caused by a burglar or by your pet that moved near it.

Home security providers invest a lot of time and resources to build pet tolerant motion detectors, thus avoiding pet-triggered bogus alarms. The outcomes are remarkable and represent the culmination of several hours of recorded pet and man movements.

What is a security system key fob?

A security key fob is a wireless remote device identical to those clickers in cars. In fact, they perform the similar function. The wireless remote control for your vehicle unlocks and locks the vehicle doors and initializes the in-built security system. It also includes an “anxiety button” that blares the horn and flashes the taillights and headlights.

The key fob, for your house security system disarms and arms the security system in your house. It also includes a panic switch that turns on the alarm, which causes the monitoring provider to be informed that a security break or other emergency is going on.

What is a panic pendant?

A panic pendant is a portable battery-operated device that makes sure the user constantly has access to the help they want in an emergency circumstance, like a burglary or debilitating fall.

A signal is sent out to the base unit, and a monitoring specialist from the security provider will get in touch with the user to determine whether they need help and what type of help. The monitoring specialist will instantly inform the suited personnel, like the fire department, emergency personnel or police.

Does a security system still work, if the power goes out?

The kind of security system you installed decides what will happen when there‘s an electricity outage in your house. There are lots of security systems available, so if you usually fall victim to electricity outages, you will want to be make sure that you get a security system that would keep you safe during those times.

Choosing a Security System

How to Choose a Security System

Choosing a security system is a crucial part of safeguarding your home from dangerous situations like fire and intrusion. Making sure your property is efficiently safeguarded is essential to protecting your loved ones and belongings.

A properly placed exterior and interior lighting and high quality dead bolts will help lower the chance of being burgled. Here is some information that will help make quick decision.

Which is Better? Wired or Wireless Home Security Systems?

Depending on the features you need from a security system; wired security systems have an advantage on reliability, whilst wireless security systems provide a much more streamlined set up and could be used in areas where wired security systems can’t.

A wireless system utilizes different sensors all through the home which connect wirelessly to the main control panel, usually utilizing radio frequency tech. The control panel may then interact wirelessly to outside world by means of a cellular “up-link.” Generally, your security system will have a cellphone of its own.

A wired security system connects sensors to a control panel with a connection of wires, buried within the floors and walls of your house, and to outside world by means of your home’s land-line.

If your property doesn’t have a system pre-installed, wireless systems could solve many problems. You will not need to bother about digging holes, making wireless a very appealing option for historic homes, rentals or homes with solid interior brick, stone or granite construction.

Contract Length

These contracts are generally long-term but could also be monthly, based on your service and equipment needs. Your house security is important to you, your loved ones, and your belongings; so it is very important to get to a system contract that provides what you want at a rate within your budget.

Alarm monitoring contracts could last from between 12 to 60 months; however the industry standard is around 36 months. The length of the contract could often determine the sum of your month-to-month payments, to a level. The longer you’re in contract for, the lesser your month-to-month charges should be. This is often because you’re increasing the contract’s primary costs (like installation and equipment) to be paid out with time.

Ultimately, in terms of contracts, you have to decide which option is most economically viable for you. The length of the contract, or if you subscribe to one, completely depends upon how much you would like to spend on the equipment (whether upfront or after a while).

There is an array of security systems, and each one has unique features that differentiate it from its competitions. When distinguishing between security systems, it is very important to consider some things such as monitoring, installation, home automation; the capacity to control different events in your house beyond standard security, such as switching lights off and on, thermostat settings, etc.

Before you choose a certain security system, spend some time to decide which kind of system will perfectly match your property and life-style. Get familiar with the different features that each security system offers, read customer reviews, browse comparison pages, and then you will be able to choose the security system that’s best for you!

Security Systems Mississauga, Ontario

Security Systems Mississauga, Ontario

Are you still looking for an affordable security systems provider in Mississauga? Contact Locksley ltd now. We provide security systems, security cameras, alarm systems, and card access systems to secure your business or home.

So what type of security do you need? Are you a business owner? Are you a homeowner? No matter the type of security system you need, Locklsey has you covered. Some business owners need cameras to watch their employees, prevent theft, and deter burglars. We have cameras that are in high definition and analog cameras that will provide you with the security that you need.

cheap Security Systems Mississauga
Security Systems Mississauga

Security Cameras

Let’s start off with the cameras. What type of cameras do you need? You might decide to go with high definition cameras if you only need a few cameras; or if you have a smaller budget, you may want to go with analog cameras. Depending on what you’re trying to record, you may only need a few cameras to secure the area. We also offer hidden cameras, explosion proof cameras, outdoor cameras, and indoor cameras.

Our security cameras installed with our custom DVR system will keep track of all the activity on your property. We can set up and install everything for you within a day. The first thing we need to do is set up an appointment to see the area that you’re trying to secure.

Based on our assessment, we can help you decide how many cameras you need and what type of system you need to achieve your goals. We use top of the top of the line wiring, cables, and cameras to make sure that you have a reliable security system that won’t fail you.

Some people choose to buy their cameras at Best Buy or Costco, but a lot of those cameras are usually low quality cameras. We can get you low quality cameras too, as well as some free cameras; but depending on what you’re trying to secure, you’ll probably need high definition cameras so you can record detailed images. If you need to see license plates, facial expressions, or what’s in someones hand, then you need high definition cameras.

If you’re only trying to record a small room you might not need an expensive camera system. But if you’re trying to record a large area like the main floor in your workplace, or a parking lot, then it makes more sense to get high definition cameras that will enable you to zoom in and see exactly what’s going on in specific areas. The more expensive set-ups include cameras and installation systems that can be controlled remotely even using your mobile phone.

What’s Your Budget?

We ask a lot of people what their budget is. The reason we ask for your budget is because there are hundreds of cameras to choose from. We have some cameras that are free, and we have some cameras that cost $10,000 and more.

You may want high definition cameras, but depending on what you’re trying to record you might not need a high definition camera. Sometimes you can get by with analog cameras if you’re just trying to record a small room in your house, people arriving at your front gate, or a newborn baby’s room.

How many cameras do you need? Sometimes clients have a very small budget but they want 10 to 15 cameras setup and installed. If you have a budget of less than $10,000 and require 10 to 15 cameras, keep in mind that these cameras have to be purchased, installed, you also need wiring, and you need a DVR system which will record what the camera sees. So it’s important for us to know your budget so we can find cameras and a DVR system that fits your budget.

So when we ask you for your budget, we’re only asking for a price range, and if you help us then we can help you. As mentioned earlier there are over 100 cameras to choose from and we want to know which cameras we should focus on based on your budget. We don’t want to look at cameras that cost $5,000 each if your budget is only $5,000. We also don’t want to sell you short if you have a large budget and would like a “Mission Impossible Secret Spy” set up!

Whatever type of security system you need, we can do it. All of our equipment is top of the line so you won’t be disappointed. Contact us now to set up an appointment! We can come down to look at the area that you want to secure, and we can brainstorm with you to find out how many cameras you need. After you let us know your budget, we can do our research to find a few different packages that might suit your needs.

Contact us now using the contact form below! You can also contact us directly via email or toll-free using our 800 number. We look forward to your call!

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