Top 3 Security Installation Mistakes

Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Installing Security Systems

There are more than a few security cameras on the market. Since most of them are affordable and have great security benefits there is almost no reason for someone not to buy a security camera for their home or business. Keep in mind, just because you can buy a security camera doesn’t mean that you can install one as well. Here are some common mistakes that people end up making when installing security cameras so that you can avoid them.

Security Camera Positioning

One of the most common and most likely to occur mistakes made by people who install security cameras themselves is that they end up positioning cameras at the wrong angle. In most cases people end up pointing the camera in line of sight to a source of light that obstructs their vision or either point the camera to close to the ground.

When you install a security camera try to make sure that no source of light is in its path, it’s reasonably above the ground, and has a relatively strong Wi-Fi signal so that video stream isn’t choppy or has connection issues.

Not Enough Security Cameras

Yes, most modern security cameras have great area coverage but that doesn’t mean that one is enough. Considering the fact that even most high end security cameras are reasonably priced, it makes sense to spend a little extra money to cover many years of safety.

If you buy only a single security camera, either the lower or higher levels of the house will remain un-secure. Considering the fact that a burglar can enter your house through the back and front it only makes sense to buy enough to cover your house from both back and front as well as top to bottom if you truly want to be safe.

Forget Security System Passwords

When people buy a new security camera for their home, they mostly come pre-configured with a default password. Most unknowing owners either don’t bother changing the password to their camera, or entirely forget about changing it to something more secure. Before you setup your Wi-Fi camera, people must make sure that the network they are associating cameras to have a secure encryption configuration and a complex SSID/passcode.

For extra security, pick a camera that requires the client to enter the camera’s password key amid setup and has double encryption for added safety. Numerous cameras come pre-arranged, but you should change all the passwords. Consider something complex and incorporate an assortment of numbers and letters.

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