What Are the Best Security Camera Systems?

There are a lot of security systems available on the market in Toronto. It can be a difficult task to find a suitable one for your business. They are different shapes, styles, designs, and operations which can be overwhelmingly confusing, especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

So what are the best security camera systems you can install in your home or business in Toronto on a budget? You can check out some of the systems below to find one that works for you.

1. Arlo Pro

The Arlo Pro is a wireless security camera system that features an alarm system. The alarm is triggered when there is an intruder so you can quickly take action. It’s equipped with night vision which provides extra visibility when it’s dark. The rechargeable batteries and 7-day cloud recording is another reason why we love the Arlo Pro.

2. Wyze Cam Pan

If you’re in the market for an indoor security camera system in Toronto, you may want to consider the Wyze Cam Pan. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant by activating the voice control feature. You can use the mobile app to control the system remotely. Live stream your recordings from anywhere you are in the world. The night vision also makes it possible for you to detect movements under poor lighting conditions.

3. Canary All-in-one

The Canary All-In-One is your best bet if you’re searching for a security camera system that works well with your smart home in Toronto. It features a full HD 1080p camera with a 147-degree lens view. It also features a sound recording that makes it possible for you to listen in on video recordings. You can connect your smartphone to the camera and take note of all the happenings in your home from your mobile phone.

4. Ring Spotlight Cam

The wire-free design and adjustable mount make it easy to install the Ring Spotlight Cam. Some of its features include one rechargeable battery pack, live view on-demand video, and audio; and is iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 compatible. The 140 degrees’ horizontal and 78 degrees’ vertical field of view ensures that you don’t miss anything.

5. Amazon Cloud Cam

The Amazon Cloud Cam is one of the best security camera systems you can install at home or business. The two-way audio system makes it possible for you to check-in with the family even when you are not around. The cloud cam works with Alexa to keep you notified of all that happens in your home.

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Security Camera Installation in Toronto Canada

The use of security cameras to secure home and business has now become a priority. This additional feature gives the home or business owner the privilege to monitor activities in and around their property.

There are several benefits you can enjoy when you install a security camera:

– You can monitor your property from anywhere around the world.
– You can monitor your children when they are home alone.
– You can see exactly when a package is delivered and who makes the delivery.
– If you’re a business owner, you can ward off thieves and bring added security to restricted areas.
– You can record all activities in and around your property, which can later be used as evidence.

Your camera choice should be based on your needs. These are a few types of security cameras on the market:

Dome camera: used indoors and has a 360-degree coverage feature
Bullet camera: used both indoors and outdoors and has the ability to view long distances
Wireless camera: gives additional security without the use of wires
CCTV HD camera: captures the best details with the highest quality even when zooming in
C-mount camera: uses special lenses, is able to zoom and can record activities from far distances
Day/night camera: necessary when monitoring properties around the clock

So if you live in Toronto or have a property in the area, we can help. At Locksley Limited, our team of highly qualified technicians are standing by to assist. We are in business for over 10 years and a large number of satisfied customers. With our affordable prices and reliable service, you can depend on us to have your security camera system installed in no time!

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What Causes False Alarms on Home Security Systems?

Having adequate security for your home is always a top priority. While home security systems are one of the best options on the market, things happen, which can create false alarms. False alarms can cause much discomfort for the homeowner. They also result in wasted revenue and time on the part of the responder. There are a number of factors that can trigger a false alarm:

System malfunction and low batteries: Systems malfunction for various reasons e.g. electrical surges, glitches in telephone lines. Also, all batteries carry expiration dates. Therefore, they should be regularly monitored to ensure effective performance.

Unsecured doors and windows: If doors and windows are left open or are not properly secured, this will cause the alarm system to trip off.

Alarm settings: If the alarm system is highly sensitive, the slightest motion by animals or other things both inside and outside of your home can trigger the alarm.

Input Error: If the security code is forgotten, entering incorrect codes multiple times can trigger the alarm.

Poor Installation: If the security system is not professionally installed, there is a very high possibility that the system will malfunction.

Insects: Insects have a tendency to get into components and cause them to malfunction.

Many states enforce a fine for false alarms. At Locksley Limited, we can help prevent you from being fined and these unfortunate occurrences, we recommend the following:

– Hire a licensed and specially trained technician to install your security system.
– Choose a code that is user-friendly, yet difficult for unwanted visitors to figure out.
– Secure all doors and windows at all times.
– Have a technician maintain your system on a regular basis.
– Ensure that the sensitivity to your security system is pet-friendly.

At Locksley, we will install the best system for your property and ensure it functions well. If you want to be free of unnecessary false alarms, contact us. We are just a phone call away!

How Do Wireless Security Systems Work?

A wireless home security system gives you the ability to quickly detect any unwanted visitors. It also allows you to monitor your home; you can arm and disarm the system from anywhere in the world with the use of technology. It is a composite of various components that work together to ensure the safety of property and its residents:

A control panel: This is the heart of the security system, where the operational programming is configured. All sensors are connected to the control panel and communicate via signals. Control panels operate either with keypads, remote controls or by way of voice commands.

Sensors (internal and external): There are several types of sensors, e.g. noise, window, and motion. These sensors are strategically placed both inside and outside the home and are used to detect security breaches. They operate with technology such as microwave, infrared, ultrasonic, and magnetic sensors which are used specifically on doors and windows.

Wireless or wired cameras: These are positioned in key locations, both internally and externally. The cameras are connected to video recorders, which are used to monitor movement within and outside of your property.

High-decibel alarms or sirens: Whenever there is a security breach, the high-decibel alarms or sirens will release loud continuous sounds to alert residents, persons within close proximity, and the relevant authorities. These alarms act as a means of thwarting possible break-ins and help capture criminals.

Stickers and signs can also be used to send a warning message to criminal elements. This method can also aid in deterring possible intrusions.

For optimum performance, we highly recommended that you hire professionals to install, maintain and monitor your system. At Locksley Limited, we can help you choose the right system for your needs and set it up for you. Our highly trained team will help you through the entire process. Give us a call today for a free quote!

Hidden Security Cameras

Hidden Security Cameras: For your kid’s safety

Nowadays, as technology is taking over our lives, there are also some risks related to it. In this era, we need to take some extra measures for the safety of our kids.

Do they make online friends? What kind of friends are they making? Are you sure your kid is not involved in anything bad? Are you sure your child is safe with a nanny when you are at work? Are you sure your kids have the right friends? Of course NOT. You are worried about your family. Why not try some hidden cameras for your satisfaction? Sounds great right?

Hidden cameras come in a great variety and they are almost invisible. You can get wearable cameras, clock cameras, and tiny cameras. These cameras come in the shape of different objects as well. You can get whatever suits your requirements the best, like pen camera, charger camera, camera inside a hanger, button camera and many others and it is hard to tell if a camera is hidden inside.

We all know the uses and benefits of security cameras. Whether you are a parent who is worried about the safety of his or her kids or a business person who is worried about his or her office. Security cameras can help you keep your place safe and secure.

God forbid if anything bad happens when you are away, you will still have the footage and you can know what happened when you were away that caused the trouble. Hidden security cameras can give you peace of mind. Satisfaction of the mind is the most important thing for yourself, if you are not satisfied, nothing can make you happy.

Want to know if your kids smoke? For your kids, you can put a smoke detector camera in their rooms, which can detect smoke and record the video automatically. It can rest on the desk, you can also hang it on the wall or ceiling. These are undetectable as they do not look suspicious. The most important thing to you is the health and safety of your kids. These cameras are not expensive at all and are very useful to keep your kids away from bad habits and bad company as well.

We understand how worried parents are when they leave their child with a nanny or babysitter. Never leave your child alone with anyone without planning their safety. Keep the data of babysitters. Buy some toy for your child with the hidden camera inside. There are toys like a teddy bear, dog, and cars with an almost invisible camera inside. Keep your family safe.

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Parking Lot Security Cameras

Outdoor Security Cameras

Today we are going to talk about outdoor security systems for your home, office, schools etc. In this world of technology, a guard is not enough to stop the unwanted activities. Security cameras play an important role to keep an eye on your surrounding environment.

Video security is the first step in protecting yourself, your family and your business from thefts and break-ins. Outdoor security cameras are easy to install and the best thing about these cameras is that they are wireless. These cameras help you increase your security by 57%.

A guard can’t look everywhere all the time to keep you secure but security cameras can do the job. No matter how many guards you have, they can still be distracted. For a super secure place, you will definitely need security cameras. You will just have to install the security cameras in the places you want.

Along with the other guards, security camera guards will keep eyes on all the places. Your video camera guards will then update all the other security guards about any suspicious activity anywhere in that specific area.

There are a lot of ways to do this task. You can install security cameras around and inside your home or office. You have a lot of options from which you can choose the best security camera that suits your requirements. You can use the professional multi-camera system, a digital video recorder or a turnkey DIY security setup or any other.

These outdoor cameras are mostly wireless and waterproof. You don’t need to worry about any installment issues or weather conditions. These security cameras also come with a built-in alarm to alert you about a break-in.

You can also install hidden security cameras along with your CCTV cameras for extra security. So, if someone tries to break-in and damage your security cameras, you would still be able to get the updates about that person, keep an eye on him and report to the police immediately.

If you don’t require extra security for home or office but you still don’t want to be disturbed by people, you can use fake CCTV cameras as well. There are fake security cameras available in the market and online that look exactly like a security camera but is a fake made of plastic. You will find these CCTV looking cameras at super affordable rates. You can enjoy showing off but we would recommend that you should buy real security cameras for your safety and/or business operations.

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Best Security Cameras in Toronto

Best Security Cameras

Security cameras are available in different types and shapes. So, before installing security cameras in your home or office, find out which one suits your requirements. Let’s categorize these security cameras in 4 categories.

Wired Security Cameras

If you want to monitor some place for a long period of time, wired cameras are the best option for you. These cameras are fixed at one place and they monitor only that specific area. These cameras will be useful for street security, entrance and exit gates, hospitals, buildings, malls etc.

Wireless Security Cameras

These are portable cameras. These cameras require no wiring. These are quite easy to install. These are useful for short term use like events, parties, carnivals etc. where you could use the camera and then remove it after finishing the job. You can also use these for other security purposes. The main feature of these cameras is that you can change their position whenever you want.

Hidden Security Cameras

These cameras come in tiny sizes, different shapes that look like ordinary objects but have a camera installed in it. Most commonly these are found in clocks, pictures that can be hanged on the wall, toys, other household items, pens, glasses and so on; the list is very long. You can find these in any shape you want. You can also find these cameras in very small sizes and almost invisible and can be installed and placed anywhere you want.

These cameras also come with some great features like smoke detection. These are the best when you don’t want anyone to know that there is a camera around. You can place these in your own home for safety purposes. However, we would not recommend that you use these cameras for illegal purposes. There are many benefits of security cameras but there are also many bad ways of using these cameras. Use these cameras for security and not to spy on people or any other illegal activities.

Fake Security Cameras

These are just dummy cameras and are not expensive at all. These are quite useful for showing off. These fake cameras let people know that you are taking measures to secure your property. You can use these cameras for a small store, outside of the home, in the garden, garage etc. When a person notices a camera around, they will automatically behave better and try not to steal things in order to avoid going to jail.

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Security Camera Features

Basic Features of Security Cameras

In this blog, we shall discuss some of the basic and important features of security cameras. Before buying or installing security cameras in our home, building or office, you must know how useful security cameras are. Cameras with the latest technology are a bit expensive. Let’s discuss what you are paying for when buying a security camera. Some of the important and useful features that security cameras have are listed below.

Video Quality and Field of View

This is the most important thing. There are different ranges of video recording cameras. Ranges vary from 25 feet up to 100 feet and it will determine how much it will see clearly. The clearer the video the more expensive it will be.


Wireless cameras are very useful as these are portable. You can place them anywhere and can change their position any time you want.


This is a most important feature for the outdoor cameras. It is used to protect the camera from any weather changes.

Web Access

Super useful feature. With web access, you can connect your cameras to your mobile phones and laptops. You can monitor your devices anytime anywhere in the world via the internet.

Night Version

As most of the crimes are done in dark. This feature is useful to protect the theft and break-ins during night or day when the lights are dim. These cameras come with infrared technology. It records the video in a black and white format for more visibility.

Motion Detection

This is an energy saving feature of security cameras. Most cameras are on all the time to detect any suspicious activity, but motion cameras turns on when it detects the motion of an object. Hence, saves energy and


There are cameras with temperature sensors, carbon dioxide detectors, smoke detectors etc. These are manufactured by keeping customer requirements in mind.

Wearable’s and Hidden

There are wearable security cameras like a watch, button, glasses, jewelry etc. You can easily carry these cameras along with you anywhere without getting noticed that you have a camera. Some cameras come in very tiny sizes that they are almost invisible.

Two-way Communication

This feature allows the person viewing and the person on the camera to communicate with each other. This can be used at the entrance.

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Why You Should Buy Security Cameras

Why Should You Buy Security Cameras?

This question must have popped up in almost everyone’s mind while thinking of buying security cameras for their home or office etc. Should I buy security cameras? Will these cameras actually protect me? Are these cameras worth spending a lot of money for? Well, the answer is yes, these cameras are really helpful. Let’s find out how.

Security cameras help in preventing crime as no criminal wants to be seen or caught. It reduces the risk of criminal activity like theft and robbery. When a criminal notices cameras around your building, they will try to ignore you as it increases the risk of them getting caught by the police. You will be able to monitor any suspicious activity or person around your building and report to police before it is too late.

For the small business owners like shopkeepers, it is hard to detect any theft when there is a crowd in the store but with the security cameras, you can look around in any corner. It prevents a lot of loss for the owners as when people see a security camera around they don’t try to steal.

As a boss, you can also keep an eye on your employees, whether they are working properly or just sitting on their seats and using their phones. The reason is same, no one likes to be seen doing any bad activity, and everyone wants to maintain their good image.

These cameras not only secure you but also reduce the chances of the misbehavior of other people. It prevents you from false blames by your employees or some rude customers, as you can always show them that there is a camera and all their activities are being recorded in the form of a video. This will give you peace of mind and you will be able to solve little issues and conflicts between your employees easily.

Keep Your Cameras Updated

The latest features of our security cameras are more helpful and they reduce the risk of getting your cameras hacked. Change your password on regular basis. Look for the features you need before buying a security camera as all cameras are not the same.

Some security cameras use ordinary level video recorders while others are highly professional and a lot more expensive. Try using unique cameras when it’s for your home security. Use different shapes of cameras, tiny size, clock, other toys, and decorations as it is hard to tell if there is a camera present.

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Security Cameras: Doorbell Security

Security Cameras

Doorbell security cameras are being used by a lot of people and they are still getting a lot of fame due to their incredible safety benefits and conveniences. People install them inside or outside of their homes for security purposes.

Deterring & Catching Burglars

You might be facing break in attempts by burglars and now you can easily avoid them by installing doorbell security cameras. They warn thieves and burglars that the home is secure with security and alarms to catch them in the case of any crime.

Do you know the best benefit of theses cameras? They really help when your packages or parcels left unattended in front of your door. These security cameras also include a variety of features ranging from live streaming with mobile alerts when some sort of motion is detected. They record videos and pictures in high resolution. Their footage can be used as evidences and help law reinforcements when an incident occurs.

Peace of Mind

Typical cameras come with some limited functions and features that are basically taking pictures and footage. Doorbell security cameras come with audio listening and recording as well. You don’t have to worry about your home when you are absent.

Always perform a check before opening the door and ask who is there. You can perform this check when you are present but what if you are absent? You can do this through the audio controls, intercom, and the video footage. The intercom allows you to communicate through a system with those at the door without opening the door. Isn’t it the coolest security measure for you and your home when you are alone or absent?

One more added feature is that these cameras are capable of doing the same things for you at night as well. They come with the infrared or the LED technology that is night-vision capable. They can also record high definition footage near the entrance of your home. Regardless of day or night, you will get HD quality footage near your home’s entrance or where they are installed.

They raise The Value Of Your Property

Secure homes are more likely to be bought by various people as compared to those homes without any security system in place. Research has shown that most buyers are more willing to purchase smart homes integrated with security technology; they sell much faster than typical homes. By choosing to install security cameras, you keep your family safe and the price of the house will go up which will prove beneficial in case you ever decide to move.

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